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A Complete Guide to the Price of Tourmaline

Tourmaline, with its stunning array of colors and unique varieties, has captured the hearts of gem enthusiasts and jewelry lovers around the world. From vibrant pinks and greens to mesmerizing blues and reds, tourmaline offers a diverse palette of hues. In this article, we will delve into the factors that influence the price of tourmaline and explore the range of prices associated with this captivating gemstone.

Factors Affecting the Price of Tourmaline

Several key factors influence the price of tourmaline, including the following:

1. Color

The color of a tourmaline gemstone is perhaps the most significant factor determining its value. Vibrant and intense colors, such as vivid pinks, greens, blues, and reds, are generally more sought after and command higher prices. The color’s saturation, tone, and hue play a crucial role in determining the gemstone’s value.

2. Clarity

Like most gemstones, the clarity of a tourmaline impacts its price. Gems with fewer visible inclusions or internal flaws are considered more valuable. Higher clarity levels allow the gem’s true color to shine through and enhance its overall beauty.

3. Size

The size of a tourmaline gemstone can significantly influence its price. Larger gemstones are rarer and more in demand, commanding higher prices per carat. However, it’s important to note that the price per carat may increase exponentially for larger, high-quality tourmalines.

4. Cut and Shape

The cut and shape of a tourmaline gemstone can affect its price. Well-cut gemstones that maximize brilliance, color, and clarity are generally more desirable and valuable. Additionally, certain shapes, such as ovals, rounds, and emerald cuts, are more popular and may command higher prices.

5. Rarity

The rarity of a specific tourmaline variety also impacts its price. Some tourmaline varieties, such as Paraiba tourmaline, chrome tourmaline, and indicolite tourmaline, are known for their scarcity and command higher prices due to limited availability.

Range of Tourmaline Prices

Tourmaline prices can vary significantly based on the factors mentioned above. It’s important to note that prices are often quoted per carat. Here is a general overview of the price range for different tourmaline varieties:

  • Paraiba Tourmaline

Paraiba tourmaline is one of the rarest and most valuable varieties. Prices for high-quality Paraiba tourmalines can range from several thousand dollars per carat to tens of thousands of dollars per carat, depending on color, clarity, and size. Exceptional specimens with intense neon-blue hues command the highest prices.

  • Chrome Tourmaline

Chrome tourmaline, known for its vibrant green color, is another highly sought-after variety. Prices for high-quality chrome tourmalines can range from a few hundred dollars per carat to several thousand dollars per carat, depending on factors such as color saturation, clarity, and size.

  • Indicolite Tourmaline

Indicolite tourmaline, prized for its mesmerizing blue hues, is available in a wide price range. Prices can range from a few hundred dollars per carat for lower-quality stones to several thousand dollars per carat for top-quality specimens with intense and saturated blue coloration.

  • Rubellite Tourmaline

Rubellite tourmaline, with its pink to red hues, offers a broad price range. Prices can start from a few hundred dollars per carat for smaller, lower-quality stones and can go up to several thousand dollars per carat for larger, high-quality specimens with rich color and minimal inclusions.

  • Watermelon Tourmaline

Watermelon tourmaline, which displays a unique combination of green, pink, and sometimes white colors resembling a watermelon, is a favorite among gemstone enthusiasts. Prices for watermelon tourmalines can range from a few hundred dollars per carat to several thousand dollars per carat, depending on the color distribution, clarity, and size.

It’s important to note that these price ranges are approximate and can vary depending on market conditions, the reputation of the seller, and the gem’s individual characteristics.


Tourmaline is a captivating gemstone with a wide range of colors and varieties, each possessing its unique beauty and charm. The price of tourmaline is influenced by factors such as color, clarity, size, cut, shape, and rarity. The rarest varieties, such as Paraiba, chrome, and indicolite tourmalines, command higher prices due to their scarcity and exceptional color quality. When purchasing tourmaline, it’s essential to consider these factors and work with reputable gemstone dealers to ensure you are acquiring a genuine, high-quality gemstone at a fair price. Whether you’re drawn to the vivid hues of Paraiba, the vibrant greens of chrome, or the serene blues of indicolite, tourmaline offers a kaleidoscope of options for gemstone enthusiasts and collectors alike.

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