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David Yurman claims these two companies have copied his designs

New York-David Yurman is taking legal action against Royal Chain and Samuel B., alleging that the companies have copied several of its best-known designs.


In separate complaints filed earlier this week in the US District Court for the Southern District of New York, the companies are accused of infringing David Yurman’s trade dress, trademarks and copyrights, as well as engaging in unfair competition.


Royal Chain and Samuel B. called the claims baseless. Both also noted their long histories as respected members of the jewellery industry.

In a statement to National Jeweler, Royal Chain said, “We are currently reviewing the complaint. We are aware that David Yurman has a history of litigation and we believe the allegations are without merit. Royal Chain has served the industry with honesty and integrity since 1978.

Mathew Behnam, Vice President of Samuel B., said, “Samuel B. has a rich heritage in the jewellery industry and is known for our dedication to creating unique and original designs that are untouched by any third party claims.

“We strongly believe that Yurman’s allegations of infringement in this lawsuit are baseless and without merit. We are committed to addressing these claims through the appropriate legal channels.

In the lawsuit filed against Royal Chain on 18 September, David Yurman described its alleged copying as “calculated and systematic”.”Defendant’s counterfeit products attempt to imitate Yurman jewellery pieces in several different collections, including by copying the structure, insignia, and design flourishes that distinguish Yurman jewellery designs,” the company said in court documents.

The complaint includes images of David Yurman jewellery from a number of collections, including ‘Cable Classics’, ‘Renaissance’, ‘X’ and ‘Crossover’, alongside allegedly infringing designs from Royal Chain and its Phillip Gavriel brand.The lawsuit against Samuel B. was also filed on 18 September.

The company is accused of copying designs from several David Yurman collections, including “Cable Classics”, “Albion”, “Clasped Cable” and “X”.David Yurman described the similarities between its jewellery and Samuel B’s alleged copies as “immediately apparent” and “striking”.In court documents, David Yurman included results of an online search that it said proved Samuel B. was causing consumer confusion.

On a QVC online forum, a Samuel B. customer said: “I always receive compliments on his pieces. I’m often asked if they are David Yurman”.

Another comment on a post entitled “Wife wants David Yurman jewellery” reads, “Does your wife know about Samuel B. jewellery? It’s solid silver with 18k gold accents and semi-precious stones, and many of the pieces look remarkably like Yurman (and some don’t) for a fraction of the price.

“While I love my Yurman and [John] Hardy pieces, I love my Samuel B. because of the price. I have worn it in many jewellery stores and they think it is a Yurman”.

In both lawsuits, David Yurman is seeking a permanent injunction ordering Royal Chain and Samuel B. to stop making these alleged copies, as well as monetary damages.

David Yurman has previously filed lawsuits against Mejuri, in which the parties reached a settlement, and Puerto Rico-based brand Zoé del Mar. In that case, David Yurman obtained a permanent injunction and $1 million in statutory damages.

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