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Neil Lane’s latest collection uses lab-grown diamonds

Akron, Ohio – Neil Lane is jumping on the lab-grown diamond bandwagon.

Customers who have shopped Neil Lane designs at Kay Jewelers will now find an entire collection of the designer’s wares at the Signet-owned chain of jewellery stores, all featuring lab-grown diamonds.

The collection is called Neil Lane Artistry.

“For the past 13 years, I’ve had the pleasure of working with Kay to create collections that are inspired yet accessible to jewellery lovers across the country, not just in Hollywood,” said Lane.

With my new Artistry collection at Kay, we’re now offering an even greater variety for consumers to find something they’ll love and cherish for a lifetime.”Neil Lane Artistry launched on 20 September with eight engagement rings and four wedding bands, according to a statement from Kay Jewelers.

At press time, 21 Neil Lane Artistry styles were featured on the Kay Jewelers website, with six traditional engagement ring styles and 15 bands.

The centre stones in the engagement rings are independently certified, Kay said, and just like the natural diamonds in other Neil Lane for Kay designs, all the lab-grown diamonds in the Artistry collection are responsibly sourced and conflict-free.

Each online product prominently features the term “Lab-Created Diamond” in the product title.
Prices range from $799.99 to $18,499.99.

At the lower end, a $799.99 band could feature anywhere from 0.16 carats to 0.25 carats of lab-grown diamonds.

Diamond engagement rings currently feature centre stones ranging from 1 carat to 3 carats.The highest priced item currently available online is an engagement ring with a 3 carat oval-cut lab-grown diamond centre stone and an additional 1 carat total of lab-grown diamond pavé. It’s priced at $18,299.99.

All pieces are available in 14-carat white or yellow gold.

Tipping his hat to the lab-grown diamond ring, Lane said: “As an artist, I find inspiration everywhere, and nothing gives me more pleasure than to innovate and try something new.
Bill Brace, president of Kay Jewelers, added: “Adding lab-created diamonds to the Neil Lane collection is a natural evolution of the brand to offer consumers another meaningful option that is also on-trend and responsibly sourced.

“This collection allows us to further cement Kay as a leader in the jewellery industry – meeting the needs of consumers ahead of the curve.”

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