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Gübelin opens coloured gemstone museum in Switzerland

Lucerne, Switzerland – The House of Gübelin has opened the Gübelin Gem Museum in Lucerne, Switzerland.


The compact museum houses a variety of multi-media exhibits that explore the creation, origin and appeal of coloured gemstones, as well as the history and innovations of the six-generation family business.
Combining innovation and tradition, the exhibits extend the House of Gübelin’s pioneering achievements.


Founded in 1854, the company has launched many influential projects, such as the Gem Lab, a gemological laboratory established in 1923.

The opening of the museum honours the 100th anniversary of the Gem Lab. Inside, exhibits provide an overview of the history of technology, from the lab’s beginnings to the latest analytical capabilities, including Gübelin’s other projects, the blockchain-based Provenance Proof and Gemtelligence, a gemstone analysis tool that uses AI.

The success of Gem Lab and its eventual development into a renowned institution is largely due to the late Eduard Josef Gübelin.

Considered by many to be one of the fathers of modern gemology, the Lucerne gemmologist is renowned for his research into gemstone inclusions and the role they play in determining a stone’s identity, authenticity and provenance.Alongside the loose stones, a selection of more than 50 watches and jewellery pieces from key historical and cultural style-defining moments will be on display.

Thomas Gübelin, who led the company from 1988 to 2007, began expanding the company’s watch and jewellery collection early in his career.”With this museum, we want to create a vibrant forum for interaction and inspiration,” says Raphael Gübelin, current president of the House of Gübelin.

“Located in the heart of Lucerne, the museum invites visitors to discover exciting information about gemstones and gemology, jewellery and watches, as well as the innovations and pioneering spirit of our company. This is where we choose to share our passion with those who are interested.

The museum will also serve as the new home of the Gübelin Academy, the company’s professional training and certification institution.

The museum is located at Schwanenplatz 7, on the top floor of the “Haus zum Stein” building, which aptly translates as “The House of Stones”.

Gübelin curated the museum with jewellery expert Beatriz Chadour-Sampson, who works with the Swiss National Museum in Zurich and the Victoria and Albert Museum in London. Gübelin staged the museum with Atelier Ingold Raschke.

Edward Boehm, Eduard Josef Gübelin’s grandson and a gemologist in his own right, contributed to the conception and execution of the museum and provided some of the exhibits.

The exhibitions are constantly being expanded.

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