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Facet Barcelona opens a new factory in Spain

Barcelona, Spain – Jewellery manufacturer Facet Barcelona recently celebrated the opening of its new factory and facilities.

The opening is a “step forward” for its US business, Facet Barcelona said, as the new factory will increase production capacity and reduce delivery times for the North American market.

Located in Cordoba’s Jewellery Park in southern Spain, the facility houses gemologists, polishers, setters, a customer service team and specialists in casting, machining and numerical control.

The company says it serves more than 1,500 customers in over 25 countries.
“The company’s core commitment to cutting-edge technology and digital tools significantly improves its production and management processes,” the company said.

“[Facet Barcelona CEO] José Miguel Serret and his team believe that their focus on these areas, along with [an] innovative B2B platform, will prove critical to improving the user experience and ultimately capturing a greater share of the US jewellery market.”

Attendees at the opening were given a tour that took them through several steps in the jewellery-making process, including design, prototyping, stone selection and setting, as guides emphasised the company’s quality control.

“Thanks to the trust placed in us by our customers and the increase in orders, we have expanded our production facilities to 1,200 square metres,” said Serret.

Visitors were also given a first look at the company’s collection of “fully traceable” jewellery from its partnership with sustainable sourcing monitoring platform Tracemark and New York-based diamond dealer Pluczenik.

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