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David Prager will leave De Beers by 2024

London – After nearly two decades with De Beers Group, David Prager will leave the company next year, De Beers announced on Monday.


Prager, currently Executive Vice President and Chief Brand Officer, joined De Beers in September 2006 as Director of Communications.


Over the course of 17 years, he worked his way up to global head of corporate affairs and then executive vice president of corporate affairs before being promoted to his current role in November 2020.

Al Cook, CEO of De Beers, credited Prager with leading the transformation of the company’s purpose and brand.

“Throughout his time at De Beers, David’s insight, creativity and leadership have driven us forward. He has transformed our brand and marketing strategy; managed complex issues in a way that has built trust with our stakeholders and enhanced our reputation around the world; and developed a sustainability framework that has protected the natural world, improved people’s lives and deepened our customers’ connection with our diamonds,” said Cook.

“While I will be very sorry to lose David, I know that his values and ability to build common ground will remain with De Beers for many years to come. I would like to personally thank him for his outstanding contribution to the company.

Prager will remain a member of the company’s executive committee until March 2024 and will continue to chair the Natural Diamond Council until the NDC board elects a successor.

De Beers did not give a reason for his departure, and Prager did not indicate where he would be heading next in a post shared on LinkedIn on Monday, writing only: “Thank you De Beers! 17 years has been a great run and we’ve done wonderful things for our diamond customers and diamond communities.

“I look forward to continuing to support my Exco colleagues until March next year and cheering on their success … forever.”

De Beers announced the departure of another long-serving executive on Monday.

Ryan Perry, who joined the company in 2002, will also leave De Beers in 2024.

In his 21 years with De Beers, Perry has held a number of operational and strategic leadership roles. His current title is Acting Executive Vice President of Strategy & Innovation.

“From tackling technical mining challenges to predicting the future of diamond demand, Ryan has made an outstanding contribution across the De Beers Group,” said Cook.

“He has always been effective in getting different parties to work together successfully, leading change programmes during the global pandemic, leading strategy development and spearheading the establishment of the Diamonds for Development Fund in Botswana.”

The Diamonds for Development Fund was established as part of the new sales agreement between De Beers and the Botswana government to help the country diversify its economy and create jobs outside the diamond industry.

Like Prager, Perry will remain on the board during the transition period.

Also on Monday, De Beers announced the appointment of Tom Johnson, currently head of legal and company secretary, as general counsel.

As part of his new role, Johnson will join the executive committee.

Based in the UK, Johnson joined De Beers in 2016 as part of Element Six.

During his time at De Beers, Cook said Johnson has demonstrated an “unparalleled understanding” of the complexities that come with being a 135-year-old company with a global footprint and the opportunities to simplify the business.

He also led the management of legal issues and negotiations in Botswana as De Beers worked out the new sales agreement there.

“I am confident that Tom is the right person to bring a streamlined focus to our corporate structure while maintaining our proud position as the ethical leader in the diamond industry. I look forward to welcoming him to the Executive Committee,” said Cook.

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