Friday, July 12, 2024

Italian Gemological Lab Issues Warning on Synthetic Diamond Deception

Gem-Tech, an esteemed Italian gemological laboratory, has issued a cautionary alert within the industry, highlighting a concerning trend involving the misrepresentation of lab-grown diamonds as natural stones circulating in Italy.

According to Gem-Tech’s recent disclosure, three diamonds were brought to their facility accompanied by certificates issued by the Gemological Institute of America (GIA) affirming their natural origin. Upon examination, Gem-Tech weighed the stones and discovered their remarkable similarity to the specifications detailed in the GIA certificates. Additionally, these stones bore laser inscriptions featuring the recognizable GIA logo, mirroring previous inscriptions the lab had encountered on other GIA-graded diamonds.

However, deeper investigations conducted by Gem-Tech revealed an alarming discrepancy: the diamonds had been deceitfully coupled with the authentic grading reports, while the inscriptions appeared to be fraudulent in nature.

In a pivotal discovery, Gem-Tech subjected the diamonds to ultraviolet light, a process utilized to identify fluorescence. The results were strikingly incongruent with the descriptions outlined in the reports. While the certificates indicated a “faint” level of fluorescence, the stones exhibited complete inertness under ultraviolet light. Further scrutiny through spectrophotometric analysis exposed distinct traits typical of synthetic diamonds produced through chemical vapor deposition (CVD), notably showcasing a greenish hue alongside other characteristics commonly found in lab-grown stones.

Upon cross-referencing the report numbers with the GIA database, Gem-Tech ascertained that the certificates were actually issued for separate natural diamonds, albeit ones minutely different from those presented for evaluation at their laboratory.

“This is not unfamiliar territory for Gem-Tech,” the lab remarked. “Instances where authentic reports have been replicated and paired with diamonds inconsistent with their descriptions have been encountered previously.”

While only three stones were submitted for inspection, Gem-Tech suspects there might be a larger proliferation of such deceptive practices. Speaking to Rapaport News, the lab revealed, “The client who submitted these diamonds for identification indicated that these were not isolated cases. Other traders have mentioned encountering these three synthetic diamonds, distinguishable by their report data, in various regions across the country.”

Gem-Tech’s vigilant disclosure serves as a stark reminder within the gemstone industry of the persistent challenges posed by fraudulent practices, urging heightened scrutiny and caution among traders and buyers alike.

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