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Demi Lovato Debuts Stunning Diamond Ring in First Public Outing Post-Engagement to Jutes

Emerging in public for the first time since their engagement, Demi Lovato was spotted alongside her new fiancé, Jutes, proudly displaying her dazzling diamond ring.

The former backing vocalist for Holy Fvck, Jordan “Jutes” Lutes, and Demi Lovato are now officially engaged, marking a milestone in their relationship.

In Los Angeles, the 31-year-old pop artist was captured exuding joy while flaunting her exquisite diamond engagement ring in a photograph, just days after accepting the proposal from the 32-year-old Canadian musician.

Reportedly, Jutes collaborated with Teresa Panico from Material Good, a prestigious jewelry manufacturer based in New York City, to craft the bespoke pear-shaped diamond ring.

“Still speechless! Last night was the best night of my life, and I can’t believe I get to marry the love of my life @jutesmusic,” Demi shared on Sunday, expressing her overwhelming emotions.

“My love, I’m ecstatic about our marriage. Every day spent with you has been a dream come true, and I eagerly anticipate loving and cherishing you forever. Here’s to our future together. I adore you, baby!” she continued affectionately.

Meanwhile, Jutes took to Instagram to announce, “Yesterday I asked my best friend to marry me, and she said yes. I can’t imagine my life without you, and thank god now I’ll never have to. Feeling like the luckiest man alive right now. I’m so in love with you @ddlovato!”

Following what was described as a “personal and intimate proposal,” the newly engaged couple celebrated their love at a cherished restaurant, commemorating this significant moment in their relationship.

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