Friday, July 12, 2024

Lavalier and IGI Collaborate to Offer Customers Discounts and Jewelry Education

Lavalier Personal Jewelry Insurance has recently announced a strategic collaboration with the International Gemological Institute (IGI), aimed at extending exclusive benefits to their shared customers.

Under this partnership, Lavalier is set to provide a generous discount of up to 10 percent on insurance premiums to clients who furnish an official IGI grading report. This alliance seeks to reinforce customer trust and satisfaction by offering reduced insurance costs backed by credible gemological assessments.

Moreover, the insurance provider intends to leverage this collaboration to offer educational resources. These resources will encompass valuable insights into crucial aspects such as the significance of appraisals, distinguishing lab-grown gemstones, and elucidating the disparities between specialized jewelry insurance coverage and conventional homeowners or renters policies.

Lorelle Henry, Vice President of Lavalier, emphasized the significance of this venture by stating, “IGI has maintained a steadfast reputation as a leader in grading and reporting for nearly five decades. Through the collaboration between IGI and Lavalier, our aim is to augment the array of services and educational resources available to our esteemed jewelry customers.”

Avi Levy, President of IGI North America, echoed similar sentiments by stating, “Partnering with Lavalier not only reinforces protection for our valued consumers’ precious jewelry but also equips them with the knowledge and assurance that stems from the collaboration of two trusted industry leaders.”

The collaboration between Lavalier and IGI marks a significant stride in extending benefits and educational support to their clientele, promising enhanced protection and informed decision-making for jewelry enthusiasts.

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