Friday, July 12, 2024

Shree Ramkrishna Exports Joins World Diamond Council, Emphasizing Ethical and Sustainable Practices in Diamond Trade

Shree Ramkrishna Exports Pvt. Ltd. (SRK), a prominent diamond manufacturing company based in Surat, has recently announced its membership in the World Diamond Council (WDC), marking a significant step towards promoting ethical standards and sustainability within the global diamond value chain.

Recognizing the pivotal role played by the WDC in advocating ethical norms in the diamond trade, SRK has pledged its commitment to maintaining the highest ethical standards throughout its operations. From responsible sourcing to sustainable crafting practices of natural diamonds, the company aims to uphold integrity and sustainability.

Joining the WDC provides SRK with a strategic platform to engage with industry leaders who share similar principles. It enables the company to exchange best practices and actively contribute to the formulation of comprehensive ethical guidelines and sustainable practices in the diamond industry.

Shri Shreyans Dholakia, Entrepreneur-Brand Custodian of SRK, expressed enthusiasm about the company’s WDC membership, stating, “As a WDC member, SRK is eager to actively participate in discussions and initiatives aimed at collectively addressing industry challenges. Leveraging our extensive expertise in this field, we aim to make substantial contributions towards fostering a transparent and ethical natural diamond industry.”

The World Diamond Council’s inclusive membership, encompassing various segments of the diamond value chain, positions it as a formidable organization. Ranging from producers and traders to jewelry manufacturers, financial institutions, and logistics experts, the WDC is uniquely equipped to tackle multifaceted challenges confronting the diamond industry.

Beyond its commitment to ethical standards, SRK has embarked on an environmentally sustainable path. The company has set ambitious goals to achieve net-zero carbon emissions at two of its diamond crafting facilities, SRK Empire and SRK House, by 2024—a staggering forty-six years ahead of India’s 2070 targets. Both SRK Empire and SRK House have garnered accolades, attaining LEED: Platinum certification and consistently maintaining their positions among the “World’s Top 6 Green Buildings” for over three consecutive years.

Shree Ramkrishna Exports is keen on actively contributing to the WDC’s initiatives, aspiring to establish new benchmarks for ethical and sustainable practices in the diamond industry.

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