Tuesday, May 21, 2024

Instappraise Becomes Member of Canadian Jewellers Association

Calgary, Alberta— Instappraise, a leading provider of cloud-based jewelry appraisal software and management solutions, has recently joined forces with the Canadian Jewellers Association (CJA).


Headquartered in Calgary, the company boasts an innovative suite of tools designed to enable appraisers to efficiently generate professional, court-ready appraisal documents. With a core mission to facilitate accessibility to advanced technology within the jewelry industry, Instappraise aims to bolster the sector’s capabilities.


As part of its collaboration with the CJA, Instappraise will be integrated into the CJA Membership Benefits program, offering exclusive discounts on business services to CJA members.

Under this partnership, Instappraise extends a generous 20 percent discount to CJA members for the initial month of subscription, followed by a 10 percent discount for each subsequent year of active CJA membership.

Additionally, CJA members holding a Canadian Accredited Jewellery Appraiser (CAJA) designation—revamped by CJA in 2023—will receive a complimentary year’s access to the Instappraise platform.

Alanna Campbell, CJA Membership Coordinator, expressed enthusiasm about the new offering, urging all members to take advantage of the benefit.

“Aligned with our commitment to delivering meticulous and precise jewelry appraisal reports, Instappraise’s cloud-based software offers a seamless and customizable experience, maintaining the essence of appraisal reports,” Campbell stated.

She emphasized Instappraise’s unwavering dedication to supporting its users, noting the significant growth of the company since its establishment in 2019. Campbell anticipates that CJA members will be impressed by Instappraise’s features, including its integration capabilities with reports from eight major laboratories.

“This collaboration between Instappraise and the CJA signifies a formidable alliance, presenting a holistic solution for appraisers,” Campbell affirmed. “Both organizations share a steadfast commitment to integrity, bolstering various facets of the jewelry industry.”

The partnership between Instappraise and the CJA heralds a promising era of advancement and efficiency within the jewelry appraisal landscape, promising enhanced accessibility and support for industry professionals.


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