Tuesday, June 25, 2024

Gemological Institute of America (GIA) Introduces New Scholarship for San Diego County High School Students

Carlsbad, Calif.—The Gemological Institute of America (GIA) has unveiled its spring application cycle for merit-based scholarships, introducing a new opportunity tailored for high school students in San Diego County.

From now until March 31, students have the opportunity to apply for various scholarships, including the latest addition, the GIA Aspire Scholarship, by utilizing the online application portal.

Allocating up to $100,000, the GIA Aspire Scholarship targets graduating high school seniors or recent alumni from four specific San Diego County high schools: Steele Canyon High School, Rancho Buena Vista High School, Alta Vista High School, and Health Sciences High and Middle College.

Recipients of this novel scholarship may be awarded partial or full scholarships, applicable to any on-campus program offered at the GIA Carlsbad campus. The program commencement is slated between July and December, spanning from 7 to 26 instructional weeks.

Reflecting on the transformative impact of scholarships, Chris James T. Boehner, a GIA Graduate Gemologist and 2020 scholarship beneficiary, remarked, “Receiving a scholarship let me take more risks after graduating. Since I didn’t have a mountain of student debt, I was free to explore all sorts of interesting opportunities. It also helped me fast-track my education, because I no longer needed to save for tuition. I started my GG program two months after receiving my scholarship.”

According to GIA, merit-based scholarship awards are fiercely competitive, gauged by the applicant’s accomplishments. In contrast, needs-based scholarships remain accessible year-round, contingent upon the completion of a Free Application for Federal Student Aid.

Robyn Burrell, GIA’s director of financial aid, emphasized the institute’s commitment to nurturing future professionals in the gem and jewelry sector, stating, “We believe that investing in the education of aspiring professionals is key to the continued growth and success of the gem and jewelry industry. By providing opportunities for students to pursue their passion, we aim to create a diverse and skilled workforce that will shape the future of our industry.”

In 2024, GIA has earmarked up to $2 million for merit-based, needs-based, and veteran scholarships. The fall application cycle is scheduled for September 1-30, offering another opportunity for aspiring scholars to pursue their educational endeavors.

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