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SEEPZ 2.0: Revamping India’s Studded Jewelry Export Powerhouse

Mumbai, India – SEEPZ, the Santacruz Electronics Export Processing Zone, is undergoing a major transformation, aiming to reinvigorate India’s studded jewelry export industry. This bustling hub, housing the country’s largest cluster of modern jewelry manufacturing facilities, is responsible for more jewelry exports to the United States than most other countries combined.

The ambitious SEEPZ 2.0 project, spearheaded by the Indian government in partnership with the private sector, focuses on “refurbishing and rejuvenating” the zone’s infrastructure and operations. The centerpiece of this initiative is the recently inaugurated Bharat Ratnam Mega Common Facilitation Centre (CFC). This state-of-the-art facility embodies the industry’s focus on upgrading “technology, techniques, and training” to propel jewelry exports to new heights.

The six-floor, 115,000-square-foot Mega CFC offers a comprehensive range of cutting-edge services, including CAD design, 3D printing, casting, and laboratory testing for quality assurance. Importantly, these resources are available to manufacturers of all sizes on a time-share basis, democratizing access to advanced technology and fostering greater efficiency and diversity in jewelry production.

Colin Shah, a leading jewelry exporter and head of the working group behind Bharat Ratnam, describes it as a “360-degree service model to engage in high-level jewelry manufacturing.” He emphasizes the transformative potential for smaller enterprises, allowing them to fulfill orders that were previously beyond their capabilities.

In addition to technological advancements, SEEPZ 2.0 also prioritizes modernizing infrastructure. The aging buildings are being replaced with new, state-of-the-art structures called NEST (New Enterprises & Services Towers). These towers will not only accommodate existing units but also provide space for new entrants, further expanding the zone’s capacity and export potential.

With studded jewelry exports from SEEPZ already ranging between $2.75 billion and $3 billion annually, industry leaders anticipate exponential growth with the implementation of SEEPZ 2.0. Estimates suggest exports could reach between $7 billion and $10 billion within a few years.

In an interview with National Jeweler, Colin Shah highlighted the significance of the Mega CFC’s large 3D metal printers, laser color printers, and diverse plating facilities. These advancements allow manufacturers to readily experiment with new materials and finishes, catering to evolving global trends. Additionally, the on-site lab testing facility eliminates the need to send products abroad for certification, saving time and resources.

Shah also emphasized the positive impact of SEEPZ 2.0 on the industry’s morale and vibrancy. The public-private partnership has fostered a collaborative spirit, resulting in the swift completion of the Mega CFC. Moreover, the improved infrastructure and access to technology are expected to attract new players and significantly increase the number of units operating within the zone.

SEEPZ 2.0 represents a pivotal moment for India’s studded jewelry industry. By providing access to cutting-edge technology, modern infrastructure, and skill development opportunities, this initiative is poised to unlock the industry’s full potential and propel it towards unprecedented growth.

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