Monday, May 20, 2024

Diamond Standard Partners with Oasis Pro and Avalanche to Enable Diamond Investing

New York, NY – Diamond Standard, a company known for standardizing diamonds as an investment asset, has partnered with fintech infrastructure provider Oasis Pro and blockchain platform Avalanche to launch a tokenized Diamond Standard Fund. This innovative collaboration aims to provide investors with improved access and liquidity to the diamond market, historically a challenging asset class for individual investors.


The Diamond Standard Fund, backed by physical diamonds, is represented by the Diamond Standard Coin, a digital asset that tracks the Diamond Standard Index (DIAMINDX). This Bloomberg-compliant benchmark ensures transparency and provides investors with a reliable gauge of diamond market performance.


Historically, investors have faced obstacles in accessing the diamond market due to a lack of standardization and subjectivity in valuation. Diamond Standard addresses these concerns by leveraging patented technology and combining blockchain tokenization with real-world assets (RWAs).

This partnership with Oasis Pro and Avalanche offers several key benefits for investors:

Increased Liquidity: Tokenization allows for fractional ownership of diamonds, making them more accessible and liquid compared to traditional diamond investments.

Enhanced Accessibility: Investors can now gain exposure to the diamond market through a digital asset, eliminating the complexities associated with directly owning physical diamonds.

Transparency and Security: The use of blockchain technology ensures transparent and secure transactions, with all diamond holdings backed by physical assets held in secure vaults.

Additionally, the tokenized fund structure makes the investment IRA-eligible, allowing individuals to contribute pre-tax dollars and benefit from potential tax advantages.

Pat LaVecchia, CEO of Oasis Pro, highlights the significance of this collaboration, stating that “the introduction and tokenization of the Diamond Standard Fund on our platform marks another step forward in the evolution of capital markets.”

By leveraging Avalanche’s high-speed and scalable blockchain technology, Diamond Standard and Oasis Pro aim to create a seamless and efficient investment experience for individuals seeking to diversify their portfolios with diamonds.

This partnership represents a significant development in the diamond investment landscape, potentially paving the way for increased participation and growth in this traditionally exclusive market.


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