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Levy’s Fine Jewelry Unveils Comprehensive Diamond History Education Initiative

Birmingham, Ala. – Levy’s Fine Jewelry, a distinguished jeweler based in Alabama, is embarking on a mission to enlighten its clientele about the rich history of diamonds.


The esteemed jeweler has introduced a new educational segment on its website titled “The History of Diamond Cutting,” designed to take customers on an immersive journey through the evolution of diamond cuts.


Divided into four meticulously curated sections, the educational initiative aims to provide a comprehensive overview of diamond cutting techniques throughout history.

To enhance the educational experience, Levy’s Fine Jewelry collaborated with artist Salma ElAnsary to create custom gouache diamond designs specifically for this segment.

Joseph Denaburg, the marketing director and digital strategist for Levy’s Fine Jewelry, expressed the company’s commitment to making diamonds more accessible and engaging for its customers. He remarked, “Telling the story of diamond cutting in a digestible, chronological way is something we have always wanted to do at Levy’s.”

The first section, “The Evolution from the Point Cut to the Round Brilliant,” delves into the early origins of diamond cutting, tracing the transition from primitive point and table cuts to the creation of the iconic round brilliant cut. It explores trade myths, practical considerations, and historical references to provide a comprehensive understanding of these early diamond cuts.

The “Assorted Antique Diamond Cuts” segment offers insights into vintage and antique diamond cuts, including the Mughal and Carré cuts. Rare and unique diamond cuts such as the Hogback, Pendeloque, Mirror, Polki, Single cut, and French cut are also highlighted in this section.

Moving into more contemporary territory, the third section, “Modern Brilliant Cuts,” narrates the stories behind contemporary cuts like the cushion, radiant, and princess cuts. It also explores the fascinating histories of famous diamonds associated with these modern cuts.

The final segment celebrates the elegance of step-cut diamonds in the “Step Cuts” section, showcasing their clean lines and understated glamour. Additionally, information about the emerald cut, as well as baguette, cadillac, and bullet accent stones, is included in this segment.

Beyond diamond cuts, the educational initiative delves into the origins of diamonds in early human civilizations and the development of lapidary techniques, providing a holistic understanding of the diamond’s journey through history.

Jared Nadler, president of Levy’s Fine Jewelry, lauded Joseph Denaburg’s work on the “History of Diamond Cutting,” describing it as a valuable resource for professionals and enthusiasts alike. He emphasized its potential to illuminate future trends by analyzing historical trajectories.

Nadler concluded by affirming that the educational initiative not only serves as a resource but also as a celebration of the enduring legacy of diamond cutting, enriching the appreciation of these timeless gems for generations to come.


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