Tuesday, July 9, 2024

Red Deer RCMP Issue Warning Regarding Fake Gold Jewelry Scam

Red Deer RCMP have issued a cautionary alert to residents concerning a prevalent jewelry scam circulating in the area.

The warning comes amid a recent surge in local reports of fraudulent activities involving gold.

According to RCMP, perpetrators have been targeting individuals in parking lots, gas stations, and other public spaces, offering purported gold jewelry for sale, as gifts, or in exchange for gasoline.

“The jewelry being offered is counterfeit and is priced at significantly reduced rates. Suspects often claim to have misplaced their bank card, thus unable to access funds to continue their journey. Suspects typically operate from newer rental vehicles and may be accompanied by children,” police stated.

“These incidents constitute acts of fraud or false pretenses and are criminal offenses. Should you encounter someone attempting to peddle gold jewelry, it is advised to refrain from engaging and promptly contact local law enforcement to report the occurrence. Whenever feasible, please provide any pertinent information such as license plate numbers or images of suspects or vehicles to aid in the investigation.”

Red Deer RCMP urge vigilance and encourage residents to remain cautious of such fraudulent schemes, emphasizing the importance of promptly reporting any suspicious activity to authorities.

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