Sunday, May 19, 2024

ALTR Attains World’s First SCS-007 Certification for Lab-Grown Diamonds

ALTR has achieved a groundbreaking feat by becoming the first-ever recipient of the SCS-007 certification for lab-grown diamonds. This recognition underscores ALTR’s steadfast dedication to environmental sustainability and ethical standards across its diamond production process.


The journey towards obtaining this prestigious certification represents a significant milestone for ALTR. It positions the company as the inaugural SCS-007 certified producer globally and the second to attain such recognition while operating exclusively on 100% renewable energy. Notably, within the framework of India’s Make in India Initiative, ALTR also garners distinction as the first SCS-007 certified producer, boasting a perfect Sustainability Rating score of 100, showcasing excellence across critical sustainability pillars.


Aligned with rigorous environmental and ethical criteria, the SCS-007 certification encompasses five fundamental pillars, ensuring transparency, accountability, and responsible practices throughout the diamond production cycle:

Verified Origin Traceability

Ethical Stewardship

Net Zero Carbon Footprint

Sustainable Production Practices

Sustainability Investments

Each SCS-007 certified diamond is accompanied by a consumer certificate of sustainability, providing comprehensive insights into the stone’s journey and sustainability achievements.

Amish Shah, the founder of ALTR and J’EVAR, underscores the intrinsic value of sustainability within ALTR’s core values. He asserts, “Sustainability is not merely a buzzword; it is ingrained in our DNA. This certification validates our steadfast commitment to ethical practices and transparency within the lab-grown diamond industry. With the SCS-007 certification, we are not merely producing diamonds; we are establishing the industry standard.”

Kat Weymouth, the Sustainability Rated Diamond program director at SCS Global Services, commends ALTR’s accomplishment, recognizing its dedication to ethical practices and sustainable production methods.

ALTR’s collaboration with OEM and retail partners, under its consumer brand J’EVAR, further amplifies its mission to advocate for ethical practices and environmental consciousness across the diamond supply chain. By prioritizing responsible sourcing and sustainability, ALTR and J’EVAR aim to address the escalating demand for ethically sourced luxury goods while catalyzing positive transformations within the industry and society at large.


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