Tuesday, June 25, 2024

Signet and De Beers Collaborate to Promote Natural Diamonds

New York— Signet Jewelers and De Beers Group have teamed up to promote natural diamonds, anticipating a surge in engagements over the next few years.

Signet’s research predicts a 25 percent increase in engagements, particularly among “zillennial” couples (those born on the cusp of the millennial and Gen Z generations) as the pandemic’s effects wane. These couples are expected to be diverse in racial, ethnic, and LGBTQIA+ backgrounds.

“Natural diamonds are the perfect symbols to celebrate life’s most meaningful moments—they are as unique, timeless, rare, and precious as the emotions they represent,” said De Beers Group CEO Al Cook. “We now have the opportunity to connect a diverse new generation to the extraordinary attributes of natural diamonds.”

Signet, known for its extensive brand portfolio, widespread store network, and digital expertise, will collaborate with De Beers, renowned for iconic campaigns like the “A Diamond Is Forever” commercials from the 1990s.

The new marketing campaign will launch in the third quarter, featuring online content, influencer partnerships, in-store experiences, and targeted marketing messages. Additionally, Signet will train its 20,000 sales associates to educate customers about the uniqueness and value of natural diamonds.

Our selection of diamonds is unrivaled, and our jewelry experts understand the diamond purchasing journey and value proposition,” said Signet CEO Gina Drosos. “Our team members overwhelmingly choose natural diamonds for their own purchases—more than four out of five times, which speaks volumes. We are excited to invest in new training initiatives to help our team share the natural diamond story with customers.”

Employee training will cover what makes diamonds unique and the socioeconomic benefits they provide to mining communities. “I am proud of the good that diamonds do for the people and places they come from,” said Cook. “New approaches and strategic collaborations are vital, which is why we are pleased to work with a leading retailer like Signet to share the story of natural diamonds with consumers.”

Signet plans to enhance financing offers for customers purchasing natural diamonds and will continue to emphasize its responsible sourcing practices. “When choosing jewelry, it’s vital to have complete confidence in who you buy it from and how it was sourced,” said Drosos. She highlighted the company’s “Signet Promise,” which commits to “upholding the integrity of the global diamond supply chain through responsible sourcing.”

De Beers sources its diamonds following its “Best Practice Principles” and “Building Forever” sustainability framework.

In conjunction with the marketing campaign, Signet and De Beers will launch a beacon campaign, previously reported by JCK, spotlighting specific products. Details of this campaign are not yet available, according to a Signet spokesperson.

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