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Is Your Jeweler Committed to Sustainability and Ethics?

Diamonds have long captivated us with their brilliance and symbolism of eternal love. However, meeting the growing demands for social and environmental responsibility in the diamond industry is increasingly important.


According to the Rapaport Report 2024, the diamond market remains strong, with buyers prioritizing ethical and sustainable practices over price alone.


Hari Krishna Exports Pvt. Ltd. (HK) integrates sustainability into their diamond sourcing and manufacturing processes, viewing it as a core principle rather than a secondary CSR concern.

True ethical sourcing encompasses more than environmental responsibility; it includes ensuring fair labor practices, safe working conditions, and the elimination of child labor. Ethical companies also focus on empowering local communities and fostering positive social impacts in the regions where diamonds originate.

What Defines Ethical and Sustainable Practices?

Responsibly-sourced diamonds are extracted from areas free from exploitation. Additional indicators of a company’s commitment to sustainability and ethics include:

Community Engagement: Initiatives such as employee trips and involving community leaders in environmental projects show a dedication to the well-being of local populations.

Environmental Efforts: Activities like plantation drives and rejuvenating water sources demonstrate efforts to restore and revitalize environments affected by mining.

Sustainable Energy: The use of solar panels for factory energy consumption reflects a shift towards clean, sustainable power sources, reducing the carbon footprint.

Technological Traceability: Utilizing technology like tracr and iTraceiT to track diamonds from mine to customer ensures ethical sourcing throughout the supply chain.

HK is known for its proactive approach, providing customers with sustainably and ethically sourced diamonds. They will showcase their extensive luxury collections and internationally recognized social and environmental initiatives at upcoming trade shows, including JCK, in a fully sustainable booth.

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