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Louis Vuitton Unveils Extravagant High-Jewelry Collection Ahead of Paris Olympics

Paris—As the world prepares for the Summer Olympics in Paris next month, Louis Vuitton has unveiled its most extravagant high-jewelry collection to date, titled “Awakened Hands, Awakened Minds.” Debuting in St. Tropez, the collection features 220 pieces across 13 themes, with 100 unique pieces showcased in the initial chapter.

The collection pays homage to 19th-century France, a period marked by a surge in French influence and creativity. France in the 19th century was a phenomenal time of incredible change, and when Paris really became the center of the world,” said Francesca Amfitheatrof, Artistic Director for Watches and Jewelry at Louis Vuitton. The collection reflects the era’s intricacies, innovations, and the emergence of French luxury.

Celebrating French Craftsmanship and Innovation

The journey begins with the end of royal court rule, which sparked a wave of creativity in French ateliers. Among the visionaries of this era was a young Louis Vuitton, who arrived in Paris in 1837 and revolutionized trunk making with his innovative flat and stackable designs. “Craftsmanship becomes the currency of this country,” noted Amfitheatrof, highlighting the birth of France’s Art de Vivre and modern luxury.

The Splendeur suite, inspired by an imperial bed with lace-like woodwork, features over 110 perfectly matched Mozambican rubies, traceable via blockchain technology—a first for colored stones. The iconic LV Monogram Flower, designed by Louis Vuitton’s son Georges in 1896, is a recurring theme, rendered in gold and diamonds with prominent center rubies. The Splendeur necklace, one of the collection’s most complex pieces, required the efforts of 17 setters and 30 jewelers over 3,217 hours.

Showcasing Louis Vuitton’s Travel Heritage

The Vision necklace, inspired by Louis Vuitton trunks, features platinum, yellow gold, diamonds, and yellow sapphires, including two substantial octagonal-cut yellow sapphires. Crafted over 2,504 hours by five jewelers, its V-shaped structures and intricate design highlight Louis Vuitton’s passion for travel.

Masterpiece: The Cœur de Paris

The Cœur de Paris, the most expensive high-jewelry piece ever produced by Louis Vuitton, pays tribute to the Eiffel Tower. It features a 56.23-carat diamond with an intense pink hue and tones of orange and brown. The diamond is set in a detachable medallion that can be worn as a brooch. The necklace also includes a 5.73-carat LV Monogram Star-cut diamond and 26 LV Monogram Star-cut diamonds in a rivière design, a first for the maison. Accompanying the necklace is a ring with a 12.67-carat, museum-quality diamond of fancy deep, brownish pink and orange hue.

“Awakened Hands, Awakened Minds tells a story that’s very close to who we are,” Amfitheatrof said. “By showing this mixture of craftsmanship, engineering, invention, and bravery, we are really talking about Louis Vuitton. … we couldn’t celebrate in a better way.”

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