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Cassandra Shaw Jewelry Wins First Annual We Are Puerto Vallarta Favorite Jewelry Shop Award

Puerto Vallarta—Cassandra Shaw Jewelry, a beloved boutique in Puerto Vallarta, has been honored with the First Annual We Are Puerto Vallarta Favorite Jewelry Shop Award and was named a finalist for the Best Business Award. Known as an LGBTQ+ destination, the boutique’s recognition is a testament to its vibrant and welcoming atmosphere.


Upon visiting the shop at Basilio Badillo 276, one immediately feels the excitement of discovering unique pieces of art and jewelry. The boutique features an extensive collection of rings, necklaces, earrings, bracelets, and more, created with high-quality materials like stones and fossils. These pieces are crafted by talented designers from various regions of Mexico, making the shop a visual delight.


A Journey to Puerto Vallarta

Cassandra Shaw, originally from Vancouver, first vacationed in Puerto Vallarta (PV) in 1983 with her sister Candace. The city’s charm quickly captivated them, prompting Candace to move to PV in 1984. Cassandra followed in 1999 with a dream to become a self-supporting artist. She studied under the late Lucille Shipley, gaining valuable lessons in painting and more. After managing a jewelry boutique for a time, Cassandra found her niche in designing silver jewelry that celebrates the diversity of its wearers.

In 2007, Cassandra opened her own shop, Cassandra Shaw Jewelry. The boutique quickly gained popularity and has flourished over the years thanks to a loyal clientele who seek out its distinctive treasures.

Unique Selling Points and Customer Engagement

Cassandra Shaw Jewelry is also known for its Chihuahua rescue dogs, which are a prominent feature in its advertising. Cassandra recounted an anecdote about a flight attendant admiring her jewelry, only to realize she was the owner of the “Chihuahua jewelry store in PV,” and the famous Chihuahuas were traveling with her.

Cassandra emphasized the importance of excellent customer service and standing by her products. She ensures that the buying experience at her shop is happy and comfortable, with customers truly falling in love with their chosen pieces.

Passion for Philanthropy and Community

Beyond her business, Cassandra is deeply involved in charitable organizations, particularly local animal rescues. Her sister Candace has been active in animal rescue efforts for years, and together they have helped approximately six hundred dogs find homes over the past fifteen years. Cassandra often has a foster dog at the store to facilitate adoptions.

Living in Puerto Vallarta

When asked about her favorite aspect of living in PV, Cassandra highlighted the great weather and friendly people. She expressed a sense of community and warmth that makes living in Puerto Vallarta a truly enjoyable experience.

Cassandra Shaw Jewelry’s recent award and recognition reflect not only the quality and uniqueness of its offerings but also the shop’s integral role in the local community. As Cassandra continues to create and innovate, her boutique remains a cherished destination for both residents and visitors in Puerto Vallarta.

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