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GJEPC Delegation Visits Latin America to Strengthen Trade Ties

New Delhi— A delegation from the Gem and Jewellery Export Promotion Council (GJEPC), led by Vice Chairman Kirit Bhansali, recently visited Latin America to explore new markets, expand India’s export footprint, and strengthen economic connections within the Latin American and Caribbean (LAC) region.

The delegation included prominent industry leaders such as Anish Birawat, Managing Director of Chain N Chains Jewels Ltd.; Shailesh Sangani, Founder of Priority Jewels; Anilkumar B. Virani, Director of M/s Karp Impex Limited and Partner at M/s Ethereal Green Diamond LLP; and Yash Shah, Partner at The Lalit Gems Co. and President of The Dia Box Inc., a US subsidiary of The Lalit Gems Co.

GJEPC Chairman Vipul Shah expressed pride in the delegation’s achievements. “Our visit to Latin America has showcased the exceptional craftsmanship and diversity of India’s gem and jewellery sector. The engagements in Brazil, Colombia, and Panama have laid the groundwork for lasting partnerships, marking a crucial step in expanding India’s presence in the global market.”

Vice Chairman Kirit Bhansali highlighted the success of their interactions, noting, “Our meetings in Brazil, Colombia, and Panama have been incredibly productive. These countries offer a strong foundation for mutually beneficial partnerships, and we deeply appreciate the hospitality and support from local retailers and officials. The collaborative spirit experienced during this tour promises a prosperous future for both India’s and Latin America’s gem and jewellery sectors.”

In Brazil, the delegation engaged with key industry leaders to explore collaboration and market expansion opportunities. They participated in meetings with the Indian Embassy and major retailers such as H Stern, Monte Cristo, Vivara, VQ Jewellery, and Villar Joias, facilitating valuable networking and partnership opportunities.

These strategic engagements aim to boost India’s gem and jewellery exports, build stronger economic ties, and create collaborative opportunities in Latin America. This initiative is expected to drive significant growth in India’s gem and jewellery sector, benefiting both India and Latin American markets.

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