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Metairie Jewelry Store Owner Accused of Stealing from Customers

Lafourche Parish, La.— A former jewelry store owner from Metairie has been arrested and charged with theft, accused of stealing valuable items from his customers.

Sheriff Craig Webre announced the arrest of Thomas Birdsall, 64, in connection with a watch valued at $50,000 that was reported stolen in the summer of 2021. The victim had brought the watch to Birdsall Jewelry and Gifts for repairs. Birdsall initially informed the customer he would either repair the watch himself or send it out for repairs.

Following Hurricane Ida, Birdsall removed all items from his store and later claimed he could not recall if he had sent the watch out for repairs. Subsequently, Birdsall ceased all communication with the victim.

Birdsall was arrested in Jefferson Parish and charged with one count of felony theft. He has since been released with an ankle monitor.

Sheriff Webre indicated that there may be additional victims. Birdsall’s attorney, Barry Ranshi, defended his client, stating: “Mr. Thomas Birdsall has an impeccable reputation in Lafourche Parish, where he was born and raised. We eagerly anticipate the opportunity to fight against these allegations levied against him and to clear his name.”

Authorities urge anyone who had entrusted high-value jewelry to Birdsall Jewelry and Gifts before Hurricane Ida and has not received their items back to contact the Lafourche Parish Sheriff’s Office.

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