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10-Carat Pink Diamond Sells for $13 Million at Christie’s Auction

New York — “The Eden Rose,” a 10.20-carat fancy intense pink diamond, sold for $13.3 million at Christie’s jewelry auction on Tuesday, surpassing its pre-sale estimate of $9 million to $12 million.

Named for its symbolism of unconditional love, “The Eden Rose” is an internally flawless, round brilliant-cut diamond, a rare cut for a natural color diamond. The stone is set in an 18-karat white gold ring with 18-karat rose gold prongs, surrounded by a halo of pear brilliant-cut and marquise-cut diamonds weighing between 0.73 and 3.11 carats.

Tuesday’s “Magnificent Jewels” sale at Christie’s was the first time “The Eden Rose” had been offered at auction. According to Christie’s, it is the most significant internally flawless, round brilliant, fancy intense pink diamond to come to auction in over a decade.

“The Eden Rose” was the top lot of the auction, which totaled $44.4 million in sales, with 90 percent of the 144 lots sold. Natural color diamonds dominated the top lots, reflecting strong market demand for rare colored gemstones and natural pearls, as noted by Rahul Kadakia, Christie’s international head of jewelry.

The auction’s second highest-grossing lot was a platinum diamond pendant necklace featuring an 84.05-carat fancy intense yellow cushion modified brilliant-cut diamond, which sold for $2.2 million, slightly above its $2 million estimate.

A platinum ring with a 2-carat fancy vivid blue heart-shaped diamond, surrounded by halos of yellow and white diamonds, fetched $2.1 million, within its estimated range of $1.6 million to $2.6 million.

The fourth highest-grossing lot was a set of three yellow diamonds: a 40.56-carat fancy intense yellow, a 40.38-carat fancy yellow, and a 26.63-carat fancy yellow, selling for $1.7 million, meeting the low end of its $1.6 million to $2.6 million estimate.

Rounding out the top five was a pair of pendant earrings featuring I-color, oval brilliant-cut diamonds weighing 23.20 and 23.05 carats, set in platinum and 18-karat white gold. The earrings sold for $1.4 million, at the high end of their pre-sale estimate of $1 million to $1.5 million.

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