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NYU Freshman Accused of Stealing $51,000 in Designer Jewelry from Roommate

An NYU freshman, Aurora Agapov, has accused her roommate, Kaitlyn Fung, of stealing approximately $51,000 worth of designer jewelry and luxury items. The theft allegedly involved exclusive pieces from high-end brands such as Gucci, Chanel, and Bvlgari.

Agapov, 19, whose father is a Russian gold mining magnate with ties to Vladimir Putin, discovered the theft at the end of her freshman year. She claims that her 18-year-old roommate and “good friend” stole the items and sold them online.

The theft included an 18K ruby ring valued at $23,765, a Bvlgari necklace worth $13,000, and a Chanel bracelet valued at $2,000, among other items. Fung allegedly sold these luxury goods through consignment retailer The Real Real, often at significantly reduced prices. For instance, the $13,000 Bvlgari necklace was sold for just $2,485, and the Chanel bracelet for a mere $175.

Fung was arrested on a third-degree grand larceny charge on May 2 and subsequently released, pending further legal proceedings.

Agapov, originally from London, expressed her shock and disappointment upon discovering the theft. “My heart dropped,” she told the New York Post. She recounted their close relationship, noting that they spoke daily and had no significant conflicts.

The stolen items held significant sentimental value for Agapov as they were gifts from her mother. “I didn’t sleep that night,” she said, emphasizing the emotional impact of the theft.

Agapov realized the extent of the theft in May when she found a receipt from The Real Real listing her missing items. She immediately confronted Fung and eventually moved out of their dormitory at NYU’s Founders Hall on East 12th Street.

In her lawsuit filed in Manhattan Supreme Court, Agapov is seeking $51,000 in damages. The lawsuit also details that some stolen items, such as a Solange Azagury 18K ruby ring and several designer handbags, including a Celine Nanno tote worth $3,300 and a Chanel purse valued at $4,000, were listed for sale but remained unsold.

Attempts to recover the stolen items from The Real Real’s physical store were unsuccessful, as Fung’s mother had already retrieved them.

Andre Agapov, Aurora’s father, is the president, CEO, and largest individual shareholder of Rusoro Mining Limited, a gold mining company headquartered in Vancouver, Canada.

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