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Pomellato Unveils New High Jewelry Collection Celebrating Milan

Milan—Pomellato has introduced a new high jewelry collection, “The Dualism of Milan,” where Creative Director Vincenzo Castaldo explores the city’s blend of austere urbanism and vibrant creativity.

The collection is divided into two chapters: “Milan’s Monochromatic Treasures,” featuring 23 pieces, and “Milanese Color Prism,” with 28 pieces.

“First and foremost, I wanted to convey the spirit of the city, a mix of rationalist architecture, skyscrapers with their sinuous lines, the nighttime atmosphere of the shopping arcades,” said Castaldo. He also aimed to capture Milan’s historical focus on color in design, inspired by figures such as Gio Ponti and the Memphis Group.

Milan’s Monochromatic Treasures:

This chapter showcases a refined aesthetic with subtle color details. Highlights include:

Asimmetrico Earrings: Inspired by César Pelli’s Milanese architecture, these earrings are bold yet feminine, designed to be both sensual and sculptural.

Moonstones Choker Necklace: This piece represents Milan’s often misty weather.

Cielo Stellato Necklace: A homage to the star mosaics in Milan’s planetarium, featuring gray sapphires, gray spinels, and blue spinels forming a star motif.

Milanese Color Prism:

Contrasting the first chapter, this section features organic cuts and vibrant color combinations. Key pieces include:

Baroco Necklace: Embraces color and creativity with a variety of hues and baroque-cut gemstones.

Green Tourmaline Ring: Continues the use of irregular baroque-cut gemstones, paired with a gourmette style chain.

Spinelli Di Fuoco Plastron Necklace: Highlights a spectrum of hues with red, pink, purple, violet, gray, orange, amber, and scarlet spinel cabochons, each set uniquely to move fluidly with the wearer.

“In combining these two apparently opposite faces of Milan—one concrete, the other intangible, each with its own character—this high jewelry collection gives us a true, in-depth, multi-dimensional view of the city,” said Castaldo.

Pomellato’s “The Dualism of Milan” collection debuted last week, offering a nuanced tribute to the city’s dynamic essence.

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