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Zadok Jewelers Unveils ‘Texas’ Collection

Houston—Zadok Jewelers has introduced a new jewelry collection celebrating the essence of Texas.

The in-house designed “Texas” collection comprises 24 pieces, including gold and diamond necklaces, bracelets, earring studs, rings, and hat pins, each featuring Texan motifs. Iconic symbols such as longhorns, horseshoes, cowboy boots, the state’s shape, and fun sayings like “howdy” and “yeehaw” are prominently featured.

“Creating the Texas Collection was a labor of love,” said Amy Zadok, head of marketing at Zadok Jewelers. “We aimed to encapsulate the essence of Texas in each piece, celebrating its unique culture and spirit through exquisite craftsmanship.”

Drawing inspiration from Texas’ storied and romantic past, the collection reflects the spirit of fearless settlers, hard-riding horsemen, and pioneer ranchers under an endless prairie sky. The pieces aim to capture the grandeur and swagger synonymous with the state’s rich heritage.

Priced between $235 and $2,700, the collection is available on the Zadok Jewelers website.

Helene and Dror Zadok, founders of Zadok Jewelers, were inducted into National Jeweler’s 2018 Retailer Hall of Fame.

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