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Anna Hu Celebrates Chinese Culture with New Initiative in Paris

Paris—In a milestone year for France, marked by the LVMH-sponsored Olympic Games and a bustling fashion calendar, the country also celebrates 60 years of diplomatic relations with China. To honor this occasion, renowned jeweler Anna Hu has launched a unique initiative at the Musée Guimet.

In June, Hu, a high jewelry artist based in Europe, unveiled a project to mentor 13 Bachelor Jewellery Design students from the prestigious Haute École de Joaillerie. This project, created with Yannick Lintz, President of Musée Guimet, aimed to integrate Chinese cultural elements into jewelry design. The theme, “The Four Gentlemen,” represents the plum, orchid, bamboo, and chrysanthemum—motifs deeply rooted in Chinese arts and crafts.

“It’s like Vivaldi’s Four Seasons,” Hu remarked, referencing her background as a cellist and her love of classical music.

While luxury jewelry brands support education through various initiatives, Hu’s focus on Chinese traditions makes her project distinctive. Bai Lu, founder of marketing consultancy B-mint, highlighted the significance of this cultural exchange, stating, “It is rare to see such a profound collaboration where Eastern artistic traditions meet Western educational excellence.”

Influenced by her Chinese heritage, Hu collaborates with French-trained artisans to create pieces that blend both cultures. Her designs are featured in museums and exclusive collections worldwide. As part of the ‘Four Gentlemen’ project, three winning students—Lucie Monamy, Henriette Cavalchini, and Clément Souillart—will have the opportunity to work with Anna Hu Haute Joaillerie’s atelier.

Lucie Monamy’s sculptural orchid design was selected to be produced by Hu’s master craftsmen in a process that will take up to 1.5 years. “It’s been incredible to have this opportunity for unbridled creativity,” Monamy said. A graduate of Politecnico di Milano who worked for Valentino Red, she praised Hu’s approach for challenging their understanding of Chinese aesthetics and heritage.

At the Paris event, students’ technical renders and videos were displayed alongside Hu’s exclusive pieces against the backdrop of Guimet’s Asian antiquities. Lintz celebrated the diplomatic anniversary, stating, “As we celebrate this productive year, Anna symbolizes the bridge between China and France.”

Anna Hu continues to make strides in the luxury jewelry market, valued at $44 billion by Euromonitor. Her work was recently showcased at TEFAF Maastricht and acquired by the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston. She will debut new titanium pieces at Paris’ Couture Week, exemplifying her blend of high fashion and Chinese heritage. “I use the couture platform to make pieces that are intrinsically linked to high fashion yet show the uniqueness of my Chinese heritage and identity,” Hu said.

Her latest creations draw inspiration from artist Zhang Daqian and Tang dynasty poetry, demonstrating her ability to merge art and culture in her jewelry.

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