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Gübelin Launches Affordable AI-Powered Gem Report

Lucerne, Switzerland—Gübelin Gem Lab has introduced an innovative, artificial intelligence-enabled gemological document for smaller colored gemstones.

The new Gem Passport is available for unmounted emeralds, rubies, and blue sapphires weighing up to 3 carats that also have an existing Gübelin Gem Lab document.

This document includes essential identification features of a gemstone, such as species, variety, country of origin, and a simplified treatment report. However, it does not include quality or rarity details like trade color call, appendix, info sheet, or rating document.

The Gem Passport is powered by Gemtelligence, a tool launched last year that uses AI algorithms to identify the country of origin for rubies, sapphires, and emeralds, as well as heat treatments in rubies and sapphires. This AI technology streamlines the testing process, especially the microscopic assessment, resulting in lower costs, according to Gübelin.

“The Gem Passport embodies our commitment to innovation and pioneering spirit,” said House of Gübelin President Raphael Gübelin. “We aim to support the industry by making gemological documents for smaller stones affordable, which were often overlooked. Gem Passports are the next step following Gemtelligence, offering a cost-effective solution for gems of moderate value.”

The initiative addresses the trade’s reluctance to pay for high-end gemological reports for smaller and commercial-quality colored gemstones. Gemtelligence enables reliable lab testing at a competitive price.

“We believe the Gem Passport is a highly attractive and affordable service for stones that previously lacked testing documents from a globally respected lab, providing peace of mind for brands and retailers,” said Daniel Nyfeler, managing director of the Gübelin Gem Lab.

The Gem Passport is priced at CHF 200 ($215) and is available at all Gübelin Gem Lab locations.

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