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DeVries Jewelers to Relocate to Expanded Grand Rapids Location

Grand Rapids, Mich.—DeVries Jewelers, a fifth-generation, family-owned business in Grand Rapids, Michigan, is moving to a new, larger retail space at 433 Leonard Street NW, set to open by mid-October.

Expansion and Construction

Construction began in February after co-owners and brothers Dan and Dave DeVries purchased and demolished the former Lanning’s restaurant and catering property. They have partnered with Pinnacle Construction Group to build a 6,000-square-foot, two-story building, significantly larger than their current 1,600-square-foot, one-story location.

Enhanced Customer Experience

We are excited to offer a more experience-driven retail space with additional room and dedicated areas to display our jewelry, expand our product lines, provide repairs, and even feature special events,” said Dan DeVries. “While we’re moving, we’re still the same family-owned company that our customers know and trust – and now we can deliver our quality products and personalized service in a more spacious and inviting retail environment.”

New Store Features

The new store will boast a brick exterior with high windows, reflecting the historic architecture of Leonard Street. Inside, the main floor will feature a 2,150-square-foot showroom with a dedicated bridal department and an on-site repair shop with jeweler workstations and a vented polishing area. A second-floor balcony will overlook the vaulted showroom.

The 2,440-square-foot second floor will provide flexible space for events such as trunk shows, product line showings, and private shopping experiences. It will also feature a bar for special events.

Parking and Staff Expansion

The new location will include a private parking lot with 25 spaces and access to an additional 50 spaces in a shared lot. The expansion will also increase the current staff of 13 by up to five more employees.

Historical Ties to the Community

DeVries Jewelers has moved three times since its opening in 1901, but has always remained within the same two blocks of Leonard Street, in the West Side neighborhood of Grand Rapids. “As one of the oldest family-owned jewelers in West Michigan, we have been serving families who have been our customers for generations,” said Dave DeVries. “The neighborhood is a part of who we are, and it’s important for us to stay in this community. We also want to be an active part in the Leonard Street business corridor revitalization.”

Future Plans

The new location promises to offer a blend of tradition and modern retail experiences, ensuring DeVries Jewelers continues its legacy of quality and personalized service for generations to come.

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