Saturday, July 20, 2024

Rio Tinto Completes Solar Plant at Diavik Diamond Mine

Rio Tinto’s Diavik Diamond Mine has successfully completed the installation of a 3.5 MW, 6,620-panel solar power plant in Canada’s Northwest Territories. The project, which began in February, was undertaken by Whitehorse-based Solvest and the Indigenous-owned Tłıchǫ Investment, with support from Diavik.

This new solar facility is expected to provide 25% of Diavik’s electricity needs during its closure phase. Commercial production at the mine is slated to end in 2026, with closure activities extending until 2029. The solar plant features bi-facial panels, enhancing its efficiency.

Matthew Breen, COO of Diavik Diamond Mine, highlighted the project’s environmental significance. “The largest off-grid solar power plant in Canada’s North is our latest commitment to the environment we live and work in, and will improve the energy efficiency of our operations at Diavik,” Breen said. “We are proud to lead the way for large-scale renewable energy projects in Canada’s North.”

The project received funding from the Government of the Northwest Territories’ Large Emitters GHG Reducing Investment Grant Program, underscoring the region’s support for sustainable energy initiatives.

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