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IGI’s D Show in Goa Marks Unprecedented Networking Success With Over 100 Retailers

Goa, June 28, 2024 — From June 26 to 28, the IGI D Show in Goa gathered 43 leading diamantaires, showcasing over 100,000 stunning designs to more than 100 esteemed retailers. The event drew participants from India and GCC countries, including Oman, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Kuwait, Bahrain, Qatar, as well as Egypt, Turkey, Lebanon, and Malaysia.

The IGI D Show has proven to be a crucial platform for Indian diamond jewelry manufacturers, fostering significant networking opportunities and vital trade relationships. Ediz Dereli, owner of Ediz Dereli from Turkey, praised the event, stating, “This was a great networking event with Indian diamond manufacturers and their exquisite designs.”

Earlier this year, the IGI D Show created a buzz with its Dubai event, attracting top manufacturers from India and the Middle East. Tehmasp Printer, CEO of IGI, underscored the show’s strategic importance, noting, “The D Show aims to provide an intimate and exclusive circle for buyers and sellers to meet, acknowledge trust, and explore business opportunities.”

Participants lauded the event’s impact on their businesses. Shailesh Sanghani, owner of Priority Jewels, expressed his gratitude: “Participating in the IGI D Show has been a great experience. We thank the IGI team for organizing this event, which helped us connect with multiple retailers and boost sales for the festive season.”

Vikas Mehta, Director at Achal Jewels, echoed this sentiment, saying, “We thank the IGI team for organizing a wonderful show where we could exhibit our collections to international and Indian retailers and build trade relations.”

The event showcased the diamond industry’s resilience and creativity, highlighting avenues for future growth and collaboration. As preparations for the upcoming festive season accelerate, IGI remains dedicated to promoting innovation and excellence within the industry.

“The insights and opportunities gained from the IGI D Show will drive significant growth and inspire new achievements,” stated an IGI spokesperson. The event featured updates on industry trends, personalized assistance, streamlined procurement, and private 1-on-1 meetings, all designed to enhance participant sales and development during the festive period.

The next edition of the IGI D Show is scheduled for November 2024 in Goa, promising another enriching experience for industry professionals and stakeholders.

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