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Tiffany & Co. Unveils Glimmering Glass Diamond Facade in Shanghai by MVRDV

Shanghai, July 5, 2024 — Dutch architecture firm MVRDV has revealed its latest creation for Tiffany & Co., featuring a stunning glass diamond facade for the luxury brand’s new store in Shanghai’s Taikoo Li Qiantan retail development. Situated along the central axis of Taikoo Li Qiantan, an upscale retail complex completed in 2021, the facade distinguishes itself among a host of luxury brands with its bold and deceptively simple concept — a facade composed entirely of diamonds.

A Tribute to Tiffany’s Heritage

This innovative design is deeply rooted in Tiffany’s rich heritage and follows MVRDV’s established approach for Tiffany facades, first seen at Singapore’s Changi Airport in 2023. The core principles — use of innovative materials, a three-dimensional presence, and the ability to spark wonder in viewers — are all embodied in the Shanghai facade’s veil of glass diamonds. These diamonds are strategically arranged to create a shimmering, scattered effect, with thoughtful density reductions ensuring clear sight-lines where necessary, such as around the first-floor cafe balcony.

Crafting the Sparkling Facade

The facade features an impressive array of 6,988 handcrafted glass diamonds, each measuring 21 centimeters wide by 13 centimeters tall and weighing 1.5 kilograms. These diamonds are suspended from high-tension, mirrored steel cables stretched between the top and bottom frames of the structure. Specially designed, near-invisible steel fixtures ensure the diamonds remain securely in place without spinning or moving. This meticulous design allows for a completely mechanical connection system, enabling the facade to be dismantled in the future, with all components reusable or recyclable.

Local Inspirations and Sustainable Lighting

Similar to MVRDV’s design for the Singapore store, the Shanghai facade incorporates distinct local elements, drawing inspiration from the vibrant, colorful lights that illuminate Shanghai’s skyline at night. The facade integrates low-energy, color-changing LED lighting at its top and bottom, allowing it to be bathed in any color imaginable, including the iconic Tiffany Blue. The interplay of light through the glass diamonds further amplifies the chosen color, creating a dazzling effect that highlights the facade’s brilliance.


MVRDV’s glass diamond facade for Tiffany & Co. in Shanghai not only captures the brand’s timeless elegance but also showcases innovative architectural techniques and sustainable design principles. This new addition to the Taikoo Li Qiantan retail development promises to be a captivating landmark, reflecting both Tiffany’s storied past and its forward-looking vision.

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