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Gloomy Outlook for Diamonds as Prices Trough for Petra

July 5, 2024 — The diamond market continues to face significant challenges, marked by declining prices and subdued demand. The latest sales figures from Petra Diamonds and a grim outlook from CEO Richard Duffy underscore the difficulties plaguing the industry.

Petra Diamonds Sales Decline

In Petra’s seventh tender cycle, the sales figures revealed a 14% drop, from $44 million in May to $38 million in June. Despite this decline, the year-to-date sales total of $366 million is still 13% higher than the previous year’s figures, driven by increased production—3.2 million carats in 2024 compared to 2.3 million carats in 2023.

However, the average like-for-like prices for 2024 to date were down 12.4% compared to the same period in 2023. Duffy attributed the price decline to continued softness in demand for coarser goods, particularly stones between one and ten carats in size, and seasonal weaknesses. He expressed expectations for a subdued market through the end of the calendar year.

De Beers’ Struggles and Predictions

The broader market challenges were highlighted by De Beers’ announcement on June 27, detailing a 31% year-on-year decline in rough diamond sales for its fifth cycle of 2024. CEO Al Cook predicted a “protracted U-shaped recovery in demand,” indicating that the market might not see a swift rebound.

Impact of Economic Conditions and Lab-Grown Diamonds

The price of natural diamonds has been adversely affected by overall negative global economic conditions and competition from far cheaper laboratory-produced diamonds. This trend has been noted by Morgan Stanley, which reported last month that polished natural diamonds were “in a downward spiral with little evidence that prices are at an inflection point.”

Anglo American’s Strategic Shift

Despite De Beers’ long-term optimism about the diamond market, its controlling shareholder, Anglo American, announced plans to sell its stake in the diamond business as part of a restructuring strategy revealed by CEO Duncan Wanblad in May. This move indicates a significant shift in the company’s strategic focus and potentially reflects concerns about the diamond market’s future stability.

Market Sentiment and Future Outlook

The current market sentiment for diamonds remains pessimistic, with significant challenges ahead. The ongoing economic uncertainties and the growing acceptance of lab-grown diamonds pose formidable obstacles for natural diamond sales. Industry leaders and stakeholders will need to navigate these complexities and adapt strategies to sustain operations and market presence.

As the market continues to evolve, the diamond industry must find ways to differentiate natural diamonds and enhance their appeal to consumers. This might involve emphasizing the unique qualities and heritage of natural diamonds, improving transparency and sustainability practices, and leveraging innovative marketing strategies to rebuild consumer confidence and demand.

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