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Powder crystal bracelet wear introduce wear function, men and women wear, wear after maintenance

Directory powder powder quality identification of it powder powder true and false identification of origin in this paper, the relevant gem: powder powder powder true and false identification to identify the commonly used methods: insourcing jigan: in general, due to the natural crystal powder is from the earth natural born, usually there will be a connotation of most inside the crystal, natural cloud ice crack, and the change of ribbon.

Artificial powder crystals, on the other hand, are made by factory or laboratory synthesis and condensation, so that the crystal produced is almost flawless.

Feel differentiation: pure natural powder crystal feel cool, weight.

Synthetic crystal feels tame and light.

Expert appraisal: It is sent to a special national jade appraisal institution.

The most on the market is artificial secondary synthetic crystal, when buying pay attention to whether to attach national identification certificate, in case of forgery.

Starlight powder crystals from Madagascar show a unique six millimeters of light at the bottom when the beads are illuminated by a single light source.

But the common starlight powder crystal on the market, are artificial processing and the starlight effect powder crystal color tender pink.

Red rabbit hair crystal how to identify tea crystal how to identify kyanite how to identify powder crystal how to identify powder crystal good or bad to identify powder crystal good or bad to identify powder crystal generally speaking, the deeper the color of powder crystal, the better the price, the standard of good quality is less cotton wool, less ice crack, the less these impurities, the better.

Take starlight powder crystal as an example: the starlight of starlight powder crystal is due to the dissolution of rutile crystals in the powder crystal, forming three groups of fiber inclusions parallel to the direction of the three crystal axes, and thus forming the reflection of light. After reasonable grinding, the effect of six stars is formed, which is very beautiful.

The choice of starlight powder crystal is still more exquisite, divided into crystal, starlight and color three aspects.

First of all, crystal, starlight powder on the market, are basically the base of ice powder, good starlight powder must be the base of top ice powder, reach the degree of micro crack.

Then is the starlight, the quality and intensity of starlight powder price impact is relatively large, can reach one or two times the price of the degree.

Good stars should be in the right direction, with six clear stars and strong effects when changing with the direction of observation.

Finally, the color of starlight powder crystal is the most difficult attribute to achieve the degree of excellence, ordinary starlight crystal color is very light, the starlight effect of better color is not good enough, starlight and color can not be both, so the color of good starlight powder is a very high-grade gem, quite rare, has certain collection value.

The origin of powder crystal identification powder crystal mainly distributed in Brazil, South Dakota, Colorado, Madagascar and other places.

Most of the powder ore is massive, which is produced in pegmatite all over the country. The texture of the upper layer is better. At present, the powder crystal columns seen on the market are all massive ore regrinding into columns.

Powder crystal texture is brittle, because it contains trace titanium element and forms pink, if it is exposed to the sun for a long time, it will lose the original delicate color, the common artificial processing method is dyeing, transparency from opaque to semi-transparent to transparent, but very clear and bright natural crystal, we call it starlight powder crystal.

In addition, there are powder clusters in Minas Gerais, Brazil, but the yield is rare compared with white clusters or tea clusters, so the price is relatively expensive.

Powdery crystal cluster is never transparent to translucent have, ALSO someone will compare the powdery crystal cluster with lighter and transparent color is called red crystal, and powdery crystal cluster is mostly stick to the cylinder body, to crystal column tip just can separate, to be honest, powdery crystal cluster is not much in the country actually see.

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