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How about tourmaline tourmaline evaluation

Directory about tourmaline tourmaline evaluation about tourmaline tourmaline price soaring over the years, driving fast fast to catch up with the high-speed train, so every time tourmaline is my most painful thing, like tourmaline friend should have the same feeling with me, woman, is unable the color gorgeous jewel, indifference!

Tourmaline evaluation Tourmaline evaluation tourmaline mainly considers the color, brilliance, clarity, transparency, weight and other factors: color: in a single color species, bright red, rose red, green and sky blue and other gorgeous colors tourmaline is the best, pink and yellow followed, colorless the least.

The more single crystal colors, the better (e.g., two-color tourmaline, three-color tourmaline, etc.).

Baoguang effect: Some tourmaline crystals have a lot of needle inclusions, cut into plain surface to see cat’s eye effect, mostly green tourmaline.

Cat’s eye effect of tourmaline will increase its value, but the key evaluation lies in the brightness of the color, high transparency and block size.

There is also the discoloration effect, the discoloration of the tourmaline is rare, valuable and expensive, becoming the target of collectors.

Clarity: The internal defects of the tourmaline are required to be as few as possible. The price of crystal and flawless tourmaline is high. Tourmaline containing cracks and gas-liquid inclusions is usually used as jade carving material.

It is very rare for tourmaline to have no cracks, so the fewer cracks the better.

The tourmaline was cured to appear transparent and flawless.

Transparency: tourmaline requires crystal clear, the more transparent the better the quality, the more transparent the higher the value.

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