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How to tell if tourmaline is real

Tourmaline is a popular gemstone known for its vibrant colors and unique crystal structure. However, like many gemstones, there are counterfeit versions of tourmaline on the market. If you are considering purchasing a tourmaline or want to verify the authenticity of a tourmaline you already own, there are a few ways to tell if the gemstone is real.


Look at the color


Tourmaline comes in a wide range of colors, from green to pink to blue. If the color of the tourmaline you are examining is too perfect, it may be a synthetic or a fake. Natural tourmaline usually has some variation in color and may have inclusions or other imperfections.

Check for inclusions

Tourmaline, like many other gemstones, can have inclusions or imperfections that are visible to the naked eye. If you can see bubbles, cracks, or other flaws within the tourmaline, it is likely real. Synthetic or fake tourmaline is often made in a laboratory and may not have any visible inclusions.

Examine the cut and shape

Tourmaline is often cut into specific shapes and sizes to enhance its color and beauty. If the cut of the tourmaline you are examining is too perfect or too uniform, it may be a synthetic or a fake. Natural tourmaline may have slight variations in shape and cut due to the unique characteristics of the crystal structure.

Conduct a thermal test

Tourmaline has unique thermal properties that can help distinguish it from other gemstones. A simple test involves holding a heated needle close to the tourmaline. If the tourmaline is real, it will generate electricity due to its piezoelectric properties. Synthetic or fake tourmaline will not generate electricity.

Have it professionally evaluated

If you are still unsure about the authenticity of your tourmaline, you can have it evaluated by a professional gemologist. They can examine the gemstone using specialized equipment and techniques to determine if it is real or fake.

In conclusion, there are several ways to tell if tourmaline is real. By examining the color, inclusions, cut, and shape of the gemstone, as well as conducting a thermal test or having it evaluated by a professional, you can verify the authenticity of your tourmaline. By taking the time to ensure that your tourmaline is real, you can feel confident in your purchase or the gemstone you already own.


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