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5 Most Expensive Diamond Cuts: A Complete Guide

When it comes to diamond buying, one of the factors that significantly affects the price is the cut of the diamond. The cut determines the diamond’s sparkle, brilliance, and overall beauty. While there are several popular diamond cuts available, some cuts tend to be more expensive than others due to their rarity, complexity, and the amount of rough diamond lost during the cutting process. In this article, we will explore the diamond cuts and delve into which cut is considered the most expensive.

Understanding Diamond Cut

Before we dive into the most expensive diamond cuts, let’s briefly understand the concept of diamond cut and its significance. The cut of a diamond refers to how well the diamond’s facets interact with light, resulting in its brilliance, fire, and sparkle. It is crucial to note that diamond cut does not refer to the shape of the diamond (e.g., round, princess, emerald) but rather the quality of how it is cut.

The cut grading scale ranges from excellent to poor, with excellent cut diamonds reflecting the most light and exhibiting the highest level of brilliance. A well-cut diamond maximizes the stone’s potential for beauty and enhances its value.

Factors Affecting Diamond Cut Pricing

Several factors contribute to the pricing of diamond cuts. These include:

  • Complexity of the Cut: Certain diamond cuts require more skill and effort during the cutting process, resulting in a higher price. Cuts with intricate facets or unique designs may command a premium.
  • Demand and Rarity: If a particular diamond cut is in high demand but limited supply, its price tends to rise due to its rarity and exclusivity.
  • Loss of Rough Diamond: During the cutting process, rough diamonds are shaped and polished to reveal their brilliance. Some cuts result in more significant loss of rough diamond material, making them relatively more expensive.
  • Overall Beauty and Brilliance: Diamond cuts that maximize the stone’s brilliance and reflect light exceptionally well often have a higher price tag due to their visual appeal.

The Most Expensive Diamond Cuts

While diamond prices can vary based on various factors, including carat weight, color, and clarity, the following diamond cuts are generally considered the most expensive:

  • Round Brilliant Cut

The round brilliant cut is renowned for its exceptional sparkle and fire. It is the most popular and widely recognized diamond cut. The round cut is often the most expensive due to its high demand, precise craftsmanship required, and the significant loss of rough diamond during the cutting process.

  • Princess Cut

The princess cut is a square or rectangular-shaped diamond with brilliant faceting. It is the second most popular diamond cut and often commands a high price due to its elegance and versatility.

  • Cushion Cut

The cushion cut features large facets and rounded corners, giving it a romantic and vintage appeal. It is a sought-after diamond cut, known for its brilliance and fire, which contributes to its higher price.

  • Emerald Cut

The emerald cut showcases a rectangular shape with step-cut facets that create a hall-of-mirrors effect. This cut emphasizes clarity over brilliance, making it a popular choice for those seeking a sophisticated and elegant diamond. The emerald cut is often priced higher due to its unique appearance and the skill required to cut the diamond without compromising its clarity.

  • Radiant Cut

The radiant cut combines the elegance of an emerald cut with the brilliance of a round cut. It is a rectangular or square-shaped diamond with trimmed corners. Radiant cuts are prized for their versatility and exceptional sparkle, contributing to their higher price range.

Choosing the Right Diamond Cut

While the above cuts are considered more expensive, it’s essential to remember that beauty is subjective, and each diamond cut has its unique charm. Ultimately, the choice of diamond cut depends on personal preferences, budget, and the desired qualities you seek in a diamond.

When selecting a diamond, it is crucial to consider factors beyond the cut, such as color, clarity, and carat weight. These factors, along with the diamond cut, collectively determine the overall quality and value of the stone.


While the round brilliant cut is generally considered the most expensive diamond cut due to its popularity and precise craftsmanship required, other cuts such as the princess, cushion, emerald, and radiant cuts are also highly valued and may command a premium price. The choice of diamond cut ultimately depends on personal preference and the desired qualities one seeks in a diamond. When purchasing a diamond, it is crucial to evaluate the stone’s overall quality, considering factors like cut, color, clarity, and carat weight, to ensure you find a diamond that fits your style, budget, and desired level of brilliance and beauty. Consulting with a reputable jeweler can help you navigate the diamond buying process and make an informed decision.

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