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The March 15 Birthstone: Exploring Aquamarine

March 15 marks a special day for those born under the Pisces zodiac sign, as they are associated with the enchanting gemstone known as aquamarine. Celebrated for its mesmerizing blue hues and fascinating symbolism, aquamarine holds a significant place in the world of gemstones. In this article, we delve into the March 15 birthstone, exploring its meaning, history, significance in jewelry, color variations, and more.

March 15 Birthstone Meaning

Aquamarine, the birthstone for March 15, derives its name from the Latin words “aqua” and “mare,” meaning water and sea respectively, reflecting its captivating ocean-like shades. Throughout history, aquamarine has been revered for its association with the sea and its tranquil energies. It is often regarded as a symbol of courage, clarity, and harmony, believed to bring inner peace and serenity to its wearer.

In ancient times, aquamarine was believed to be the treasure of mermaids, possessing mystical powers that safeguarded sailors and ensured a safe voyage across the seas. It was also considered a talisman for good luck and protection against dangers at sea. Additionally, aquamarine was thought to enhance intuitive abilities and promote clear communication, making it a favored stone among spiritual seekers and healers.

Astrologically, aquamarine is closely linked with the zodiac sign of Pisces, which falls between February 19 and March 20. Pisceans are known for their compassionate nature, artistic talents, and deep emotional sensitivity, traits that resonate with the soothing energies of aquamarine. The gemstone is believed to amplify the intuitive abilities of Pisceans, fostering greater empathy, creativity, and spiritual insight.

March 15 Birthstone Jewelry

Aquamarine’s timeless beauty and calming aura make it a popular choice for jewelry designers and enthusiasts alike. Its tranquil blue tones evoke images of pristine waters and sunny skies, making it a versatile gemstone for various styles and occasions. From elegant rings to delicate pendants and dazzling earrings, aquamarine jewelry exudes a sense of sophistication and serenity.

One of the most sought-after cuts for aquamarine is the emerald cut, which enhances the gemstone’s clarity and brilliance, showcasing its ethereal blue hues to perfection. Other popular cuts include oval, pear, round, and cushion, each offering a unique charm and character. Aquamarine is often paired with diamonds or other gemstones to create stunning contrast and added sparkle, elevating its elegance and allure.

Aquamarine jewelry is not only prized for its aesthetic appeal but also for its symbolic significance and metaphysical properties. Many believe that wearing aquamarine jewelry can help alleviate stress, promote emotional healing, and enhance spiritual awareness. Whether worn as a personal talisman or a statement piece, aquamarine jewelry serves as a reminder of the beauty and tranquility found in nature’s elements.

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March 15 Birthstone Color

The color of aquamarine ranges from pale blue to deep turquoise, reminiscent of the serene waters of tropical seas. Its hue is influenced by trace amounts of iron within its crystal structure, which imbue the gemstone with its characteristic blue-green coloration. The finest aquamarines exhibit a pure blue hue with excellent transparency and minimal inclusions, giving them a coveted clarity and brilliance.

While aquamarine is best known for its classic blue tones, it can also display variations in color intensity and saturation. Some specimens may exhibit a slightly greenish tint, known as “seafoam aquamarine,” while others may feature hints of violet or gray. These subtle color variations add depth and dimension to aquamarine gemstones, making each piece truly unique.

In terms of color symbolism, aquamarine is often associated with qualities such as tranquility, clarity, and purity. Its calming blue hues evoke feelings of peace and serenity, inviting a sense of relaxation and harmony. The gemstone’s association with the sea further enhances its symbolism, representing depth, intuition, and emotional healing.

History and Lore of Aquamarine

Aquamarine has a rich history dating back thousands of years, with legends and lore spanning across different cultures and civilizations. In ancient times, the gemstone was prized for its perceived magical properties and association with water deities. The Greeks and Romans believed that aquamarine was sacred to Neptune, the god of the sea, and used it as a protective amulet for sailors and travelers.

During the Middle Ages, aquamarine was believed to possess medicinal properties and was used in various remedies to treat ailments such as eye disorders, digestive problems, and respiratory issues. It was also thought to ward off poison and counteract the effects of toxins, earning it a reputation as a potent talisman for health and wellbeing.

In addition to its protective qualities, aquamarine was highly valued for its beauty and rarity, often adorning the crowns, jewelry, and ceremonial regalia of royalty and nobility. The gemstone was particularly favored during the Art Deco era of the 1920s and 1930s, where it became synonymous with luxury, glamour, and sophistication.

Today, aquamarine continues to captivate gemstone enthusiasts and collectors worldwide, with its timeless elegance and mystical allure. Its association with March birthdays and the zodiac sign of Pisces ensures its enduring popularity, as people seek to harness its soothing energies and symbolic meanings in their lives.

Caring for Aquamarine Jewelry

To preserve the beauty and luster of aquamarine jewelry, proper care and maintenance are essential. Here are some tips for keeping your aquamarine pieces looking their best:

Avoid exposure to harsh chemicals, such as bleach, chlorine, and household cleaners, as they can damage the surface of the gemstone.

Remove your aquamarine jewelry before engaging in activities such as swimming, gardening, or household chores to prevent scratches and abrasions.

Store your aquamarine jewelry separately from other gemstones to prevent scratching and damage. Consider using a soft cloth or jewelry pouch to protect delicate settings.

Clean your aquamarine jewelry regularly using mild soap and warm water, gently scrubbing with a soft brush or cloth to remove dirt and debris. Avoid using ultrasonic or steam cleaners, as they can potentially damage the gemstone.

Have your aquamarine jewelry professionally inspected and cleaned periodically to ensure that settings are secure and gemstones are in good condition.

By following these simple guidelines, you can ensure that your aquamarine jewelry remains radiant and beautiful for years to come.


In conclusion, aquamarine stands as a timeless symbol of tranquility, clarity, and beauty, making it the perfect birthstone for those born on March 15. With its mesmerizing blue hues, rich history, and metaphysical properties, aquamarine continues to captivate hearts and minds around the world. Whether worn as a personal adornment or cherished heirloom, aquamarine jewelry serves as a reminder of the serene and enchanting qualities found in nature’s treasures. So, embrace the magic of aquamarine and let its soothing energies guide you on your journey towards inner peace and harmony.

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