Sunday, May 19, 2024

Virtual Diamond Boutique Unveils New Identity as ‘VDB’

New York—Renowned virtual marketplace and SaaS solutions provider, Virtual Diamond Boutique, has undergone a significant rebranding initiative, now identified as “VDB – Your Jewelry Tech Partner.


This transformation encompasses a revamped logo and an extensive upgrade to the company’s digital marketplace, heralded as VDB 2.0, both set to debut concurrently.


The revamped marketplace, described as “completely overhauled,” boasts a dynamic, customizable user interface and enhanced user experience.

Among the notable enhancements to the digital platform are the incorporation of voice and text search capabilities, expanded language support encompassing right-to-left languages like Arabic and Hebrew, modernized systems for favorites, quoting, sharing, and order management, among other enhancements.

The rebranding not only signifies a refreshed corporate identity but also aligns more accurately with the present state of the company, according to VDB. It underscores the evolution and broadening scope of its strategy, marketplace, and software offerings.

Initially established as a diamond-centric marketplace, VDB has since diversified its offerings to encompass a comprehensive array of products, including mined and lab-grown diamonds, jewelry, and colored gemstones. Additionally, it provides an array of services tailored for retail sales, inventory management, sourcing, and trading, catering to both B2B and B2C enterprises.

VDB asserts its unique position in the industry as the sole technology firm operating concurrently as a marketplace and a jewelry SaaS solutions provider. The company regularly pioneers the development of a comprehensive suite of applications aimed at bolstering sales and addressing supply chain requirements.

The strategic transition from a marketplace to a SaaS solutions provider marks a significant milestone in VDB’s trajectory, as it endeavors to drive innovation, efficiency, and profitability across the jewelry industry’s ecosystem, spanning suppliers, brands, manufacturers, and both in-store and e-commerce platforms.

Tanya Nisguretsky, CEO, and co-founder of VDB remarked, “VDB is reshaping the landscape of technology partnerships within the jewelry sector. Our evolution is a testament to our deep-seated understanding of the industry’s exigencies, rooted in decades of experience. By offering tailored SaaS solutions covering the entire supply chain, we aim not only to facilitate transactions but also to empower our clients to achieve cost savings, enhance profitability, and embrace a new era of digital prowess.”

Despite the changes in nomenclature and aesthetics, VDB assures continuity in its core values and offerings.


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