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GJEPC Hosts International Gathering at Bharat Ratnam Mega CFC SEEPZ

The Gem and Jewellery Export Promotion Council of India (GJEPC), the leading trade organization dedicated to promoting Indian gem and jewellery exports globally, recently organized the inaugural International Gem and Jewellery Buyer Seller Meet (BSM) at the newly inaugurated Bharat Ratnam Mega CFC SEEPZ in Mumbai.


This landmark event aimed to facilitate meaningful engagement between international buyers and sellers, drawing participants from the U.S., Latin America (Argentina, Brazil), Oceania, Australia, Dubai, Italy, Lebanon, South Africa, and Uzbekistan. The gathering boasted the presence of 33 international buyers representing 25 esteemed companies.


Among the distinguished attendees were Ranjit Rawool, Senior Authorised Officer (SEEPZ); Kirit Bhansali, Vice Chairman of GJEPC; Colin Shah, Head of the Working Group, Bharat Ratnam – Mega CFC; and Shri Sabyasachi Ray, Executive Director of GJEPC.

The iconic Mega CFC SEEPZ, renowned for its world-class facilities, provided an ideal setting for the diverse groups comprising key stakeholders from various sectors of the diamond industry, large chain retailers, wholesalers, importers, top designers, distributors, and retail jewellers from around the globe.

Vipul Shah, Chairman of GJEPC, emphasized the significance of the event, stating, “The first ever International BSM meet at Mega CFC promotes India as a hub for ‘Make in India’ jewellery and showcases our technological advancements.” He underscored the extensive range of offerings presented by Indian gem and jewellery manufacturers, including finished diamond jewellery and loose diamonds, catering to diverse consumer preferences.

Kirit Bhansali, Vice Chairman of GJEPC, hailed the occasion as a historic milestone for India’s gem and jewellery industry, highlighting the concerted efforts to strengthen trade relationships with international buyers. He lauded the Indian government’s initiatives, such as FTAs and the establishment of Bharat Ratnam Mega CFC, aimed at bolstering gem and jewellery exports.

Colin Shah, Head of the Working Group, Bharat Ratnam – Mega CFC, and former Chairman of GJEPC, expressed pride in hosting the inaugural Buyer Seller Meet (BSM) at Bharat Ratnam Mega CFC. He lauded the unique facilities offered by the complex, including the pioneering 3D Printing facility, which is the first of its kind in Asia. Shah reiterated the event’s role in fostering business opportunities for international buyers in India.

The BSM featured structured one-on-one meetings between buyers and sellers, providing a platform for productive discussions and collaborations. The event showcased India’s expertise in gem and jewellery manufacturing, underscoring its position as a leading player in the global market.

Testimonials from international participants further highlighted India’s reputation as a preferred sourcing destination for a wide range of gemstones and jewellery. From expertise in craftsmanship to responsiveness to market trends, Indian manufacturers received commendation for their dedication to quality and customer satisfaction.

The success of the International Gem and Jewellery Buyer Seller Meet underscores GJEPC’s commitment to promoting Indian gem and jewellery exports on the global stage, fostering mutually beneficial partnerships, and driving the industry towards sustainable growth. With future events lined up, GJEPC continues to spearhead initiatives aimed at enhancing India’s presence in the global gem and jewellery market.


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