Tuesday, June 25, 2024

Christie’s Lists Pink-Diamond Ring at $6.4 Million

A fancy-vivid purplish-pink diamond ring, expected to fetch up to HKD 50 million ($6.4 million), will be the star of Christie’s upcoming Hong Kong jewelry sale.

The ring, featuring a 2.68-carat, internally flawless diamond with a cut-cornered rectangular mixed-cut, is surrounded by kite-shaped and round diamonds, Christie’s announced on Monday. This piece will be a highlight of the May 27 Magnificent Jewels sale.

This auction will close out Hong Kong Luxury Week, which includes sales of wine, handbags, accessories, and watches. It also marks a significant transition for Christie’s jewelry sales. The May auction will be the last held at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre before moving to the Henderson building in September. Additionally, Christie’s is shifting from its traditional biannual Magnificent Jewels sales to a year-round schedule.

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