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Russian Heiress Sues Roommate for Allegedly Stealing Jewelry and Handbags Worth Thousands

A teenage Russian heiress is taking legal action against her former roommate, accusing her of stealing jewelry and designer handbags worth tens of thousands of dollars. Aurora Agapov, 19, daughter of Andre Agapov, president of a Russian gold mining company, claims her former flatmate, 18-year-old Kaitlyn Fung, robbed her of approximately $51,000 worth of valuables.

Aurora alleges that Kaitlyn, a political science major, stole the items and attempted to sell them on the online platform The Real Real. Many of the stolen items held sentimental value for Aurora, having been gifts from her mother. The alleged theft came as a shock to Aurora, who considered Kaitlyn a close friend.

“We spoke pretty much every day. I’d say we didn’t really have any falling outs or anything,” Aurora said. “If anything, our relationship got better towards the second semester.”

Kaitlyn was arrested on May 2 on a third-degree grand larceny charge but was released pending further legal proceedings. Aurora discovered the extent of the theft in late May, weeks after Kaitlyn’s arrest, and found a receipt from The Real Real listing her stolen items. Confronted with the evidence, Kaitlyn confessed to the theft.

According to the lawsuit, Kaitlyn significantly undervalued the stolen items when listing them for sale. A Bvlgari necklace valued at $13,000 was listed for just $2,485, and a Chanel bracelet worth $2,000 was listed for $175. Other stolen items included a Solange Azagury 18K ruby ring valued at $23,765, a Celine Nano tote worth $3,300, and a Chanel purse valued at $4,000.

Some items were returned to Kaitlyn by The Real Real customers, including a Gucci bag, a Celine bag, and Christian Louboutin shoes. Aurora immediately confronted Kaitlyn and moved out of their dormitory at NYU’s Founders Hall on East 12th Street.

Aurora also visited The Real Real’s Soho store to report the theft, only to learn that Kaitlyn’s mother had picked up the listed items days earlier. Aurora is now suing Kaitlyn in New York Supreme Court for $51,000, demanding the return of her possessions and compensation for damages.

Kaitlyn’s father received a summons on June 6, requiring Kaitlyn to respond to Aurora’s lawsuit within 30 days. Aurora’s father, Andre Agapov, a Russian-American with reported ties to Vladimir Putin and a net worth of $75 million, oversees Rusoro Mining, a company based in British Columbia, Canada. Rusoro Mining is involved in gold and mineral mining and has significant ties to Venezuela, further highlighting Andre’s influential role in the industry.

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