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Jewelry Expert Helen Molesworth to Release First Book

New York—Renowned gemologist and jewelry expert Helen Molesworth is set to release her first book this fall.

Titled “Precious: The History and Mystery of Gems Across Time,” the book offers a unique blend of gemology, world history, pop culture, and personal memoir. It traces the journey of gems from ancient Egyptian times and hidden treasures to contemporary high-stakes auctions, as detailed by Random House Publishing Group’s Ballantine Books.

Molesworth, currently the senior jewelry curator at London’s Victoria and Albert Museum, has an impressive background. She has been a professor of jewelry history at HEAD, an art and design school in Geneva, and the managing director of the Gübelin gem academy in Hong Kong.

Her decade-long tenure as a jewelry specialist at Sotheby’s and Christie’s in London and Geneva is marked by notable achievements. She led the sale of Princess Margaret’s private jewelry collection in 2006 and played a key role in securing business for the biannual Magnificent Jewels sales, handling and valuing numerous world-class gems.

In “Precious,” Molesworth delves into the history of significant gems she has encountered, including the Cheapside Hoard Emerald, the Graff Ruby, the Poltimore Tiara, and the Cullinan Diamond. The book also recounts stories of iconic pieces like Lady Diana’s blue sapphire, Jackie Kennedy’s pearls, and the cursed Hope Diamond.

“Beautifully written and superbly interesting, Helen Molesworth tells a compelling, global story of gems—their unending allure and continuing impact on human history,” praised Tristram Hunt, director of the Victoria and Albert Museum.

Drawing from her extensive travels to gem shows and mine sites around the world, Molesworth enriches her narrative with personal anecdotes from African diamond mines, Colombian emerald mines, and the sapphire-rich rivers of Sri Lanka.

Though Molesworth has co-authored and published several works in her career, “Precious” marks her debut book for a general audience. The hardcover edition, priced at $30, will be available for purchase on September 17.

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