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Sara Yood Appointed JVC CEO as Tiffany Stevens Departs

New York—The Jewelers Vigilance Committee (JVC) announced Tuesday that Sara Yood will assume the roles of president, CEO, and general counsel, succeeding Tiffany Stevens, who is leaving JVC for another position in the industry.

The transition will take effect on June 24.

Yood has been with JVC since 2012, joining after a fellowship at Fordham Law School’s Fashion Law Institute. She advanced from assistant counsel to senior counsel in 2016 and to deputy general counsel in early 2021. Yood’s expertise spans intellectual property law, fashion law, legal compliance, anti-money laundering regulations, and responsible sourcing.

In addition to her roles at JVC, Yood serves as secretary of the U.S. Kimberley Process Authority’s board of directors, is a member of the Responsible Jewellery Council’s Standards Committee, and participates in the Antiquities Coalition Financial Crimes Task Force.

“It’s an incredible honor to take on this role at JVC, where I have an opportunity to step into a leadership role previously modeled for me by two outstanding women in the jewelry industry,” Yood said, referring to Stevens and her predecessor, Cecilia Gardner. “I look forward to building on the important work of the organization and ensuring that our membership is served by JVC’s unique place in the jewelry industry, both serving the industry’s needs and playing an important advocacy role with governments.”

Stevens joined JVC in 2017 from The Sohn Conference Foundation, which funds pediatric cancer research and medical fellowships. During her tenure, JVC tackled several complex issues, including the Federal Trade Commission’s 2018 revision of the Jewelry Guides, disclosure and testing issues related to lab-grown diamonds, and sanctions on Russian diamonds imposed in early 2022. She also worked to enhance JVC’s governmental relationships and integrate jewelry into the broader luxury conversation.

“I’m excited for Sara and the team to continue the really good momentum we’ve built together,” Stevens told National Jeweler on Tuesday. “It was an honor to carry the torch for seven and a half years in the 100-year-plus lifespan of JVC. It will be a smooth transition.”

Stevens is moving to another industry role, though details are currently undisclosed. “I’ve transformed the organization, but the organization has transformed me too. I’ve learned so much,” she said. “I’m grateful to the trade for welcoming me so warmly and I look forward to carrying forward the values of ethics and integrity into my next role.”

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