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Gemfields Achieves $69 Million in Ruby Auction Amid Market Hurdles

Gemfields announced robust results from its June ruby auction, achieving nearly $69 million in sales with 97% of offerings sold. This auction commemorates the 10th anniversary of Gemfields’ initial ruby sales from the Montepuez mine in Mozambique, a major source of the world’s ruby supply. The mine is co-owned by Gemfields (75%) and its local partner, Mwiriti (25%).

Adrian Banks, Gemfields’ Managing Director of Product and Sales, expressed satisfaction with the average selling price of $300 per carat achieved at the auction. However, the total revenue fell short of last year’s $80.4 million and December’s $69.5 million.

Despite facing challenges in the gemstone sector, such as a downturn in the diamond industry due to reduced demand and increased competition from lab-grown diamonds, Gemfields remains optimistic. The appointment of former De Beers CEO Bruce Cleaver as chairman reinforces this positive outlook.

Gemfields maintains that the market for colored gemstones is resilient against synthetic alternatives. The company notes that lab-grown rubies and emeralds have coexisted with natural gemstones for over a century without significantly displacing the market for mined stones.

Following the announcement, Gemfields’ stock saw a rise of over 5% in London and closed 4.9% higher in Johannesburg, indicating strong investor confidence in the company’s operations and market strategy.

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