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Limelight Diamonds Named ‘Best Lab Grown Diamond Jewellery Brand’ at Times Now Excellence Awards 2024

Mumbai, India—Limelight Diamonds, India’s largest CVD diamond jewelry brand, has been recognized as ‘The Best Lab Grown Diamond Jewellery Brand’ at the Times Now Excellence Awards 2024. The award was presented by renowned Indian actor, producer, and humanitarian Sonu Sood on June 19, 2024.

Pooja Sheth Madhavan, Founder and Managing Director of Limelight Diamonds, expressed her gratitude for the recognition. “East India has showered immense love upon Limelight since the beginning. Our first franchise venture was in the city of joy – Kolkata, and since then, we have received immense appreciation from East India. Winning this recognition for the best lab grown diamond jewellery brand in this region fills us with immense pride and pleasure,” she said.

Sheth Madhavan highlighted the growing awareness and acceptance of lab grown diamonds in East India. “Not many people knew about lab grown diamonds earlier, and that these are real diamonds being developed in India, a source of national pride. Now consumers are not only accepting but fully supporting this Swadeshi product,” she added.

Limelight Diamonds has established a strong presence in East India with the help of its first partners, Jash Jewellers. “We truly feel blessed to have found our first partners from the East – Jash Jewellers, who continue to build and expand Limelight in the region. We are already at two stores in just 15 months and expect to cross 10 stores in the Eastern belt by the end of the year,” Sheth Madhavan noted.

This award underscores Limelight Diamonds’ commitment to quality and innovation in the lab grown diamond sector, further solidifying its position as a leader in the industry.

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