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GIA Pilots Comprehensive Jewelry Reports

New York— The Gemological Institute of America (GIA) has initiated a pilot program offering comprehensive grading services for entire jewelry items, expanding beyond their traditional focus on individual gemstones.

Introducing Jewelry Reports

The GIA’s new Jewelry Reports will provide detailed insights into the components of jewelry, including metal details, gemstone characteristics, and existing engravings. For D-to-Z diamonds that already have GIA reports as unmounted gems, the Jewelry Reports will reiterate these grades while evaluating the overall piece.

Service Launch and Waitlist

Launched earlier this year as a limited program, the new service has generated significant interest, with a waitlist now in place for those looking to participate. This marks a return to a practice GIA discontinued in the late 1970s, when they last issued diamond grading reports for mounted diamonds.

Expanded Examination Scope

A GIA spokesperson highlighted the evolution of their services: “While GIA does examine finished jewelry, such examinations have been within the scope of our gemstone identification and pearl services and focused on gemological examination of the gems in the jewelry pieces. This new pilot service offers an evaluation of the overall piece of jewelry.”

Pricing Structure Pending

As this is a pilot program, GIA has yet to finalize the pricing structure for the Jewelry Reports. This initiative represents a significant step forward in providing comprehensive, trusted evaluations for complete jewelry items, addressing a growing need in the market.

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