Sunday, July 7, 2024

Joyaux Partners with IGI to Certify Luxury Jewelry

Jessica Jade, founder and vice-chair of Joyaux, has announced a collaboration with the International Gemological Institute (IGI), one of the world’s leading diamond grading and certification organizations, to enhance the reliability of their luxury jewelry products. Joyaux’s collection includes mined diamonds, CVD diamonds, and various precious and semi-precious stones. Through this partnership, customers are assured of receiving high-quality jewelry pieces, with diamonds and gemstones certified based on the stringent 4Cs grading system: cut, color, clarity, and carat weight.

The IGI, established in Belgium in 1975, is renowned for its expertise in issuing certificates for diamonds and gemstones, with branches worldwide. Joyaux’s luxury items now come with international certificates featuring both IGI and Joyaux trademarks, authenticated by the Egyptian Stamping and Weights Authority.

The certification by IGI adds significant value to Joyaux’s products, offering customers internationally recognized pieces. Detailed data and specifications are accessible on IGI’s official website. Each Joyaux jewelry item includes a unique code and a certificate with a QR code, allowing customers to verify the piece’s specifications online.

The demand for CVD diamonds has surged, driven by their 60% lower price compared to mined diamonds and growing consumer interest in sustainability and ethical sourcing. CVD diamonds address environmental and ethical concerns associated with mined diamonds, further increasing their appeal.

This collaboration underscores Joyaux’s commitment to quality and transparency, providing customers with valuable and ethically sourced luxury jewelry.

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