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Bellevue Police Search for Suspects Targeting Older Adults in Jewelry Thefts

Bellevue, Wash.— Bellevue police are urging the public to remain vigilant following a series of street thefts targeting older adults across the city. The suspects, a young female and young male, have been approaching elderly victims under the pretense of seeking assistance, then stealing their jewelry.

Modus Operandi

According to the Bellevue Police Department, the suspects typically engage the victims with requests for help. After the victim assists, the female suspect expresses gratitude by offering jewelry and either a hug or handshake. During this gesture, she yanks the victim’s jewelry off, then quickly gets into a car driven by the male suspect.

Reported Incidents

As of Wednesday, three incidents have been reported:

June 17 Incident: A 68-year-old woman and a 78-year-old man were approached at the corner of 108th Avenue NE and NE 2nd Place. The suspects, in a black sedan, pretended the female was pregnant and needed directions to a hospital. After the victims provided help, the female suspect hugged the woman, unzipped her jacket, and ripped off her gold chain necklace before fleeing.

June 19 Incident: A 71-year-old woman was robbed of her Rolex watch at the corner of 124th Avenue NE and NE 2nd Street. The suspects, traveling in a white SUV, asked for help. The female suspect thanked the woman with a handshake and took her watch before driving away.

June 25 Incident: A 91-year-old man reported that while checking his mail, a female suspect approached him from a white SUV asking for directions. As he extended his hand for a handshake, she yanked his Rolex off his wrist, causing several cuts. The suspects then fled the scene.

Police Advisory

The Bellevue police are advising residents, particularly older adults, to exercise caution when approached by strangers in vehicles. Anyone who feels threatened or unsafe should contact law enforcement immediately.

The police are actively searching for the suspects and are asking the community for any information that might assist in their identification and capture. Residents are reminded to be cautious and aware of their surroundings to prevent such incidents.

For further updates and safety tips, the Bellevue Police Department encourages following their official communications channels.

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